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10 Dirty Spots In Your Car: It Might Seem Clean But It’s Not!

10 Dirtiest Spots In Your Car:

Since the pandemic, everyone has been extra careful and hygienic with anyone we meet and everything in usage. The car that regardless of the pandemic, should be cleaned regularly to have no germs and dirty spots that might spoil the looks of your car from the inside. It is very important to clean your car on the inside just as you wash the car outside. Here are some spots in your car that you should watch out for. 

  1. Steering wheel and gearshift:

    People often think that the steering wheel is the most spotless place inside the car but that’s not the case. The steering wheel and the gear shift are the most touched and are reasonably the dirtiest spots and have germs on every centimetre on the surface. A good disinfectant should be used to clean regularly in these areas as it contains a lot of germs.

  2. Handles:

    Just like the steering wheels and gearshift, the handles are also the most touched part of the car. And since different people may enter the car at various times, it is important to clean the car the very same day as different germs may settle down in that area. And it may not be visible to the naked eye clearly, it has a lot of dirt and germs accumulated in those areas. A good disinfectant should be used to avoid these germs from spreading.

  3. Under the carpets:

    Despite vacuuming the car’s carpet every time the car goes for a service, it’s just not sufficient. Most often, the dirt finds way below the carpet. This means when you give your car for cleaning, ensure it’s cleaned below the carpets as well. A lot of dirt, small stones, debris, and even food that you may have eaten in your car once or how many ever times would be found under the carpet.

  4. Windows:

    As the car travels through various weather conditions the windows are exposed to rain, dirt, snow, etc. causing them, to get very dirty and full of germs. Also since the coating on the window may get ruined if not cleaned regularly. Hence it is advisable to clean the windows regularly as well.

  5. Windshield Wipers:

    Dirty wipers will smear on your car’s front glass distorting your path of vision. It is very important to use a proper car window cleaner for these and also make sure the wipers are cleaned as well in this process.

  6. Seats and seat belts:

    The most important place inside the car is the car seats and the seatbelts as again it is frequently touched by the same or different people depending on the car’s usage. It is of utmost importance the seats and the seat belts gets cleaned every day if possible or every 3 days once. It is preferred to use disinfectants in these areas as well to eliminate germs.

  7. Cup holders:

    You must be thinking about how the cupholder gets dirty as mostly you carry coffees or other drinks in a properly closed cup or a water bottle for instance as well. These areas carry germs from different places and are prone to dirt from the air conditioner vents that spread dirt throughout the car. A proper disinfectant should be used here as well.

  8. Small gaps between the seats:

    The small gaps between the seats as well carry a lot of dirt, crumbs from food, and even fur if you take your furry friend around in it. Because they are difficult to reach into and clean, it is advisable to get them inspected and cleaned by spring cleaning professionals. The fallen food may also invite small insects and it is not safe for such insects to habit in those areas. The seats must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to eliminate tiny insects and dirt.

  9. Trunk:

    This place is the dirtiest in the car as a lot of external things are kept in the space and these things probably carry a lot of germs, dirt, and many other small components that may not be visible to the naked eye. For example, when bringing groceries, wet foods, may cause wet stains in the trunk letting bacteria thrive and grow and are thus very harmful and unhygienic.

  10. Aircon Vents:

    The air conditioning vents have a lot of dirt as they hold water and this leads to the growth of fungi in it and causes a bad smell in the car. This may be blown into your face if not cleaned regularly.

Dirty Spots In Your Car

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Clean Those Dirty Spots In Your Car

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