Just like anything else which is dearest to us, our cars also require timely maintenance and care. If ignored, the car’s condition can be hampered. You might be left with no immediate means of transportation at times of an emergency due to this. There are a few certain signs to look out for and know when your car needs a service!!!

1. Sensitive or Unresponsive Brakes

Worn Out Brakes

Worn Out Brakes: Signs That Your Car Needs Service | Source

Air in the brake lines, brake line damage, old or low brake fluid, cylinder wear and damaged disk brake calliper are some of the major causes leading to the faulty brakes. Spongy or mushy brakes will pose a major problem in cars, if not addressed at the earliest with a brake inspection or by service.

2. Problems with Ignition

Poor ignition switch contacts can shut the car engine off while driving which could be highly dangerous. Worn ignition switch contacts, temperature imbalance or even broken springs can cause the car ignition system to fail, preventing the starting of the car. To prevent this, the ignition switch must be replaced after making sure that the rest of the electrical system such as fuses, relays and circuits are intact.

3. Excessive or Unusual Emissions

Excessive wear mainly causes excessive smoke from cars. This means that vehicle is having unburnt fuel and wasting fuel in excess. A poorly maintained car can have equipment that controls the level of pollutants malfunctioning. Routine servicing will eliminate these emission-related problems and maintain a healthy functioning car.

4. Reduction in Power and Stalling

If you notice a loss of power while accelerating, your car definitely needs a service from Pitstop. Various mechanical problems, like low compression, clogged fuel filter and other issues, malfunctioning of the sensors, actuators may cause this abnormality in a car.

5. Vibrations and Noises from the engine

The most common causes of the unusual vibrations in a car arises from the wheels or tyres. Routine car inspections including visual inspecting of the same, checking and adjusting the tyre pressure and checking the tightness of the lug nuts.
Other worn parts and joints including a loose steering system can cause the steering wheel to shake. A loose or broken engine can cause noise and vibrations while driving and this might continue when the car is stopped as well. Damaged or worn rotors can cause a series of vibrations in the steering wheel and brake pedal. This can even result in an engine fire. Get your car’s engine inspected today from Pitstop.

6. Flashing Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights: Signs That Your Car Needs A Service

Such warning lights may be an indication of a problem. These might turn out to be a major issue if not rectified at the earliest. This could indicate low oil pressure or overheat, or in other cases might appear if the gas cap is open, lose or cracked causing the fuel to evaporate. Ignoring these signs of engine problems might be jeopardising various journeys. That is why it is very important to stay on top of regular engine maintenance. If you see a dashboard warning light flashing, call for an inspection from Pitstop as soon as possible.

7. Grinding Gears

This is one of the common signs of transmission problems in a car. When the clutch is not completely disengaging from the engine during shifting, a grinding sound appears from the gears. As per the Simard Automotive, Torque Converter, the Clutch Assembly, Transmission Fluid. Internal Transmission Damage, Gear System Damage or Driving Habits affect this phenomenon, majorly.

8. Squeaks and Squeals

Lack of lubrication in the car’s suspension causes squeaking and squealing noises. Without proper lubrication between the two metal and one rubber piece in a suspension system, the ride is probably not going to be a smooth one. Get your car to an expert mechanic at Pitstop and let him grease the suspension and fix it.

9. Exhaust smoke and Leaks

Exhaust Smoke

Exhaust Smoke: Signs That Your Car Needs Service | Source

A blue or grey exhaust smoke means that there is oil leakage. It is a pre-indicator of the engine burning oil. In other cases, a thick white exhaust smoke usually indicates a coolant leak which could cause overheating and may cause the engine, serious risk of damage. Constant temperature fluctuations and a consistently overheating engine due to low coolant levels can cause this.

10. Degraded Ride Comfortability

The awareness of the engine rigid body and natural frequencies is very important to ensure the vibration comfort of the vehicle. Getting irregular steering and hitches while driving is a common indicator of discomfort. Get your car tested if you face this issue.

Pitstop Home Service Van: Get Your Car Serviced Today

Pitstop Home Service Van: Get Your Car Serviced Today

Such signs should never be ignored. If you feel that your car is not working properly or showing such signs, get to your nearest Pitstop workshop asap. Or you can simply download the app, book a service and let the experts take care of your car. Also, a car might look fine from the outside but have some major issues inside.