Most Bollywood celebrities like glamour and Page 3 parties, and most people who succeed in Bollywood drive the most expensive cars in town. However, there are some who use practical public transportation like us. Here is a list of four celebrities who frequently use high-quality, practical cars, even if some of them park expensive cars in their garages.

1. Aamir Khan 

The method acting professional, Aamir Khan, although enjoys his share of luxury chooses comfort when it comes to city life driving experience. The actor who owns a fair share of luxury cars also owns a new-generation Fortuner for his casual drives. 

celebrities carsFortuner is a common car that can add some class to anyone who owns it. Thus, it has been a choice for many other celebrities as well. Bipasha Basu is often found driving a Fortuner as well.

2. Akshay Kumar 

The Canadian citizen – Indian actor has an array of luxury cars home and abroad. But in India, he is often seen in his Honda CR-V. 

celebrities carsThe Honda CRV is the choice of many people who want an ultra-quiet and extremely luxurious ride. Unfortunately, due to poor sales in the Indian market, Honda discontinued CRV production. Akshay Kumar also owns a Jeep Compass.  

3. John Abraham

John Abraham has always been Bollywood’s hot property. John being an automobile fanatic has exposed a different taste in his gear selection. He owns a Maruti Suzuki Gypsy and Isuzu D-Max V-Cross.

The Gypsy is not for everyone. This is a car that only true enthusiasts can maintain, especially if you have to drive it every day. 

4. Kim Sharma

The “ Mohabbatein “ fame who was also the bright shining face of Close-Up commercials has often been the Paparazzi topic. In a recent photograph taking rounds on the Internet, the actress can be seen hopping onto her Tata Nano after workout. 

The good old Nano made headlines all over the world but underperformed on the sales charts in India. Nevertheless, Kim seems to enjoy her comfy Nano rides.