At this point, you have probably stocked up on supplies and food essentials to prepare for the Coronavirus lockdown. But have you done everything to ensure that your car is ready for emergencies? If not, get these quick things done now to prepare your car and make it ready for the lockdown! 

It is as important to keep your car clean just as you are keeping your homes. Now, of course, keeping your car maintained is more important than ever due to COVID19, the global pandemic. As you all know the pandemic is changing lives and the way you care for your vehicle is no more an exception. But do you know what exactly you need to do to protect your car against the virus? If not, read out this blog.  

Although, it has been advised by the experts to stay at home and quarantine yourself, in our experience, keeping your car in top-notch condition is essential during this time. Since the future is uncertain, you never know when you’ll need to jump in the car to gather supplies or in case of any emergencies.

We have given a list below that would help you ensure that your car is ready for emergency situations. Read on!

1. Fluid Up All the Way to the Top 

One of the easiest – and, perhaps, the most important- ways to keep your car functioning effectively, is keeping a regular check on the fluid levels. Car mechanics say that you must get the car service on time. However, if you have missed it due to some reason, mak sure that you should check your car’s fluids – from engine oil to coolant to windshield wiper fluid – at least once in a month to check they are at the optimum level and are clean. This little DIY car maintenance can go a long way in keeping your car running in a top-notch condition.  

2. How Far You Can Go on Empty? 

Since there is a nationwide lockdown going on as announced by the government. In coming days, it can also lead to petrol bunks shutting down. Thus, it is always good to be diligent enough to keep your car fueled up so you would not have to experience any inconvenience of running out of fuel. Make sure that you keep yourself prepared for such inopportune situations. Should you take your car out, visit the nearest fuel pump and get the top-up done.

3. Check Tyre Pressure – You won’t get far without it 

If you did not know already, tyres lose their air pressure every day. This means that on a monthly basis, they lose around one to two pounds of air. Considering the car will remain parked, it may results in low tyre pressure or a slow puncture. Thus, it is important that you check the pressure once a week and make sure that it is adequate. Proper inflation of tyres helps in preventing the sidewalls from cracking and flat spots. Besides, do not forget to check the valves and valve caps for leaks and fit them back properly. So when did you last check your tyre pressure? A long time ago? If yes, then now is the best time to do it.

 4. Inspect Your Car’s Battery

Your car’s battery is one of the most important components to be checked, especially if you have not used your car for long. During the Covid19 outbreak, ensure you do not degrade your battery as your car sits idle. In case, you notice that there is some issue with it, we recommend you schedule a battery checkup for your car. However, since its nationwide lockdown, there is no availability of mechanics. But, do you learn you can juice up your battery yourself to keep it in its healthy state? All you need to do is fill water in the battery cells. After this, start the engine and leave it for some time to prepare your car. Besides, you can also keep a car battery jump starter with you. Doing this, you will be able to check anytime whether it is in its healthy shape or not.

We at Pitstop, care for you and your car. That’s why we have given these important steps you need to take to prepare your car during this pandemic. So, make sure while your car is hibernating, it has all its needs fulfilled, so that it doesn’t lose its performance when its time to get back on tracks!