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5 Car Dashboard Warning Lights You Cannot Ignore

Car Dashboard

The modern-day cars are equipped with some of the best technology-driven sensors and latest features. This has led to an increasing number of lights and signs on the dashboard of the modern car. But what do these lights indicate? Do we need to pay heed to each and every sign? While not every sign that turns on means that there is car trouble, there are a few car dashboard warning signs that you simply cannot ignore. Let us have a look at the top 5 car dashboard warning lights that need your immediate attention.

Oil Pressure:

Usually an orange light, the oil pressure light turns on when the engine oil falls below the required threshold. You must take this light pop up seriously since the engine oil system is very complex and is responsible for the proper lubrication of the mechanical parts.

If the light turns on and the oil pressure falls, the lubrication becomes an issue and could cause a car breakdown. Anytime you turn on the light, it is advisable to park the car and tow it to a repair center to get it checked.

Battery Charging:

The battery charging light is one of the common car dashboard warning lights and usually indicates a worn-out battery or a broken alternator. An old battery wears out over time and the number of cranking amps and volts reduces.
This means it can affect the starting of the car or powering up the electronic components such as the lights, the radio, and the charger. If the light does turn on, it is advisable to drive the car to a safe place since it might not start if shut down and might need a battery replacement or health check-up to start again.

Engine Temperature Warning:

The engine temperature gauge continuously shows the operating temperature of the engine and the meter varies from Cool to Hot. Operating in the middle is ideal.
If the meter starts elevating towards the ‘Hot’ zone means the car is overheating and the engine temperature warning light turns on. In case of engine overheating, you should immediately park the car and call for help to avoid any major issues in the engine. Sometimes, the light can also turn on due to a faulty sensor in which case the sensor sends the wrong signals to the ECU.

Check Engine:

A check engine light can mean any problem from a faulty sensor to a major internal engine fault. Usually an orange light, the check engine light turns on whenever there is a fault in the electrical, or safety system of the car. It might also be a sign to indicate that the car has a transmission problem.
In case the check engine light turns on, you should take the car to the nearest service center and get it checked before driving around.

Brake Warning:

It is one of the lesser-seen car dashboard warning signs and more often than not comes up with the handbrake still being on. But, once you’ve checked the handbrake and the light is still on, it could mean trouble. A car running low on brake fluid or facing mechanical issues with the braking system will witness the brake warning light in the car dashboard.
Getting timely replacement of brake pads, calipers, and rotors can help avoid the brake problem and get better performing brakes.

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