Every year, we have remarkable production of cars in India. Their make, built and engine certainly get us swooning, as the key players in the country adapt to the technology of new instances to make cars extra premium, and handy to use. As a whole lot as those are requirements today, they were once luxurious and best belonging to upper-class Indians at one point. At that time, seeing a car on the street became an unprecedented sight that typically became heads. So what makes our Indian car models unique? Here are a few exciting facts about a number of the best ones made :

  • The first Indian car 

The ambassador was the first car made in India and was once a great choice for families. The first was launched in 1957, about 70 years ago. It has blended into our culture greatly and is still remembered by all of us.

  • Tata Sumo and how the name came 

Former Tata Motors M.D Sumant Moolgaonkar helped name one of the best Indian cars of all time, the Tata Sumo. The name is deeply imprinted in his memory, and his dedication to the company has led him to make the best car ever.

  • India’s first Convertible 

The convertible has something very interesting and romantic. The Standard Herald, published in 1965, has become a favorite of many Indians, even though the country was not yet ready for open weather cars and heat. But for friends and family who want to travel together, the Convertible was always the best choice. This car has been seen on many roads in India for decades.

  • The most famous mass-produced car in India

Do you remember the Maruti 800? Twenty years ago, this model was the most popular on the road. Almost all Indians had one because it was affordable and the size is suitable for small families. It was launched in 1983, and the first brand and model were handed over to Mr Harpal Singh, who obtained the key to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

  • India’s first F1 Racer

We have some Formula One fans in India, but did you know that this is actually the toughest sport and involves a lot of risks? The first Indian to participate in these competitions was Narain Kartikeyan, who made his debut in 2006. Over the years, more and more people have found resonance in this sport, and popular Bollywood celebrities and Indian businessmen have also become interested in this sport.