Vehicles on roads are one of the leading causes of rising pollution in both big and small cities. As most people rely on their private vehicles for transport, the annual emission of pollutants is increasing at an alarming rate all around.

Terror in the Hearts of People

The conditions of smog formation in Delhi had struck terrors in the hearts of many citizens. The scientists have stated pollution to be the actual villain and, they have also warned the citizens about the potential harm. We should act now before it’s too late to mend. We must think about the alternatives of fossil fuels to reduce the overall pollution level in the environment. One of the best methods for this step is to shift towards hydrogen and fuel cells.

5 Mind-Blowing Facts about Hydrogen and Fuel Cells That You Probably Don't Know

What Are the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells?

It is a modified battery that finds successful applications in electric vehicles. It is a cell that transforms chemical energy into oxidized energy and forms a sustainable energy source for most electric vehicles.

Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Zero Pollutant Emission– The use of hydrogen fuels is responsible for less emission of pollutants. There is almost no emission of harmful pollutants in the environment. There is also less hazard associated with the handling of toxic batteries. The only by-product that forms the component of these fuel cells is hydrogen is water. Water is a harmless substance and also a sustainable option for fossil fuels.

Robust Nature– The highly reliable and robust nature of the hydrogen fuel cells makes them the best choice under extreme weather conditions. The fuel cells work well in extremely low and high temperatures also.

The Efficiency is Noteworthy- The energy efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cells is highly appreciable. It makes them the desirable ones for most electric vehicles. When there is fuel efficiency, the energy consumption is very low, and it saves money. There is a less expensive energy cost of the vehicles.

Less Cost of Operations- As the hydrogen fuel cells have a long shelf life; there are fewer chances of changing them and charging them frequently. There is less operational cost associated with the hydrogen fuel batteries of the electric vehicles.

Long Run- The electric vehicle goes a long way. Most conventional automobile vehicles require frequent servicing and, the engine wears away. The emissions are also high in the petrol-enabled engines.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Electric vehicles are the preferred choice for today’s generations to use them more than the conventional automobile. The zero gas emissions are the main advantage of these vehicles, with water being the bye-product. These mind-blowing facts about hydrogen and fuel cells are the reason behind the choice of electric vehicles.