The EV market is expanding rapidly. Currently, the main players in this segment are Tata Motors, Hyundai, and MG Motor. However, due to the surge in EV sales Nissan, Mahindra is planning to include multiple EV models in their lineup. However, Hyundai is creating a separate line for its EVs. The dedicated EV lineup of Hyundai will be built on the E-GMP platform.

More about the E-GMP platform

Hyundai E-GMP EV platform

Hyundai E-GMP platform dedicated to electric vehicles
Image Source: Hyundai

The E-GMP platform will be the base for most of the upcoming electric vehicles by the manufacturer. This platform can accommodate different battery sizes and body styling to diversify the varieties of EVs built on it.

The Korean manufacturer announced that all the High-end BEVs from Hyundai will be underpinned in the E-GMP platform. This dedicated Platform for EVs will enable Hyundai to produce vehicles with a flat floorslim cockpit, and a flexible and spacious cabin. This is an advantage over other manufacturers Using their ICE cars platform to build electric vehicles.

The E-GMP platform has a low center of gravity, and Ultra-High Strength Steel Which makes it highly reliable. Also, the platform features an 8-point battery mounting ability.

Additionally, this platform will enable Hyundai to produce vehicles with much larger and powerful battery packs. 2WD/4WD drivetrain setup can be used for improved handling and achieve a top speed of up to 260kmph.

The first car to Debut on this new platform will be the Ionic 5. Moreover, Hyundai revealed that the company will produce multiple different vehicles on the same platform in the coming years. Hyundai will also localize certain parts and components of the E-GMP platform. 

Hyundai EV: Plans for India

The Korean automaker plans to invest 4000 crores to develop and expand its EV line in India. Hyundai plans to roll out six different Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) by 2028. In fact, the special EV lineup will include EVs of different segments, performance, and body styles.

Hyundai is working on improving the EV charging infrastructure in India. The manufacturer is planning to set up public 50kW DC fast-charging stations in four cities. 108 dealerships in 15 cities will provide a free charging setup for Hyundai customers. Furthermore, a 24×7 roadside assistance and Vehicle to vehicle portable charging solution will be available for EV customers in six cities.

Hyundai has seen the potential for EVs in the Indian market and is working towards increasing the reliability of EVs in India. These steps will surely create a huge wave in the electric vehicle sector.

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