All car owners desire to get the most out of their vehicles, and this implies taking care of preventive maintenance. In fact, the first thing to do after buying a used or new car is to figure out a maintenance program and adhere to it in a strict manner.

It is faulty to assume that having purchased a new car; you need not bother about its maintenance for the first few years. You may encounter many mechanical issues soon enough which will leave you with a hefty repair bill. So, a little preventive maintenance can go a long way. As the adage goes- an ounce of prevention can save a pound of repair.

Here are some car maintenance tips to help avoid costly bills down the road. You need not do these by yourself but can engage the services of a professional mechanic- an investment that will bear fruit in no small measure.

Car Maintenance

Consult Owner’s Manual

An important resource with respect to your car is the owner’s manual, which features loads of information that are model specific to the car you own. These include answers to questions like how to make use of chains in your tires in wintry, snowy conditions/what types of fuel does the car manufacturer recommends? The owner’s manual is thus a treasure for car owners.

Do Checks on Tyre Pressure

This need cannot be underestimated. Tires that are under-inflated tend to wear out quicker than properly inflated items. Poor tire pressure also results in poor gas mileage.  On the other hand, the tires must not be over-inflated which can cause a blow-out- something you don’t want when cruising at high speed in your car. Tires must be inflated as per the owner’s manual. It is good to check the tires every month as per the best tips to maintain a car and check for any signs of tyre replacement.

Changing Oil

This is a vital preventive measure. It need not be done frequently but, once in a while, as per the recommendation of the owner’s manual. But generally, it is good to change oil sooner in case you have tough driving conditions like long traffic jams.

Check Coolant

This is a crucial measure. You should ensure that there is sufficient liquid in the coolant of your engine. Else, you may see car temperature to rise to unacceptable levels. Hence, do a double-check to ensure that the coolant is not leaking and is full of fluid.

Test Battery

Batteries may wear out unpredictably. For avoiding the situation to be stuck on the road with a dead battery, you should often test your car battery at home. If the battery is not in a good condition, you might need to get a battery health check up and might as well get it replaced if necessary.

Change Windshield Wipers

This is an easy and suitable measure. In case wipers are causing streaks across the windshields, it is opportune to replace them. Safety risk is incurred by poorly functioning wipers because they cannot clean the windshield properly and thus prevent good visibility for the car driver which might lead to mishaps. So, maintain your car properly and get regular servicing in order to extend the life of your wiper blades.

Change Driving Habits

The health of your car does not depend only on mechanical issues but also the way in which you drive your car. Good driving habits include slowing down in face of road bumps and not zooming at excessive speeds. Else, these can cause premature aging of the car’s mechanical components.

Besides this, you might face some car brake problem. This is something you cannot take casually. So, you must look forward to a reliable car brake problem service to make things going and safe for yourself.  These are some of the tips to maintain your car. Nowadays you have an easy facility to book car service online. Take care of your car with the click of a finger.