Imagine you plan a road trip and everything goes great until you get into the car and the car doesn’t start. Not anything big to worry about but it is a sign there are issues with your car and it needs to be fixed immediately. Before taking it to a service centre, there are certain things you can check before heading to the centre for major repairs. One of the most basic issues could be the steering wheel getting locked. Apart from that, there are several other factors that you can look out for if your car is not starting.

1. Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the reasons why your car won’t start at all. This is due to the battery being dead and if the battery is not entirely dead, the turner would still start slowly. The cause for this problem could be due to corrosion on the cables that restrict the flow of power to the battery, leaving the dome light on overnight, water getting inside the battery component leading to poor conductivity, loose wires, or not charging the battery over a long period of time. Jump starting the car would work and if the car starts that means the car battery is about to expire. Replace your car battery by cleaning the alternator, connections, and a proper technician to check the car completely. We at Pitstop provide you with the best parts so that you can have a quality driving experience.

2. Defective Ignition switch

If the battery is working properly but the car still doesn’t start the problem lies in the ignition switch. You can minimize the problem by turning on the headlights as the car’s battery controls the headlights and the dashboard. On turning them on and still the car doesn’t start, the problem is likely in the ignition switch and needs to be replaced immediately.

3. Broken Alternator

If the alternator is not reasonably functioning, the battery will not get charged. If the alternator is the problem, check for a slippery drive belt, on this being broken a warning light will be shown as the alternator has probably been damaged. A simple way to ensure this problem is to check if your car has 14 volts. Since modern cars have moved away from traditional alternator gauges, it is advised to be checked by a technician. Pitstop technicians have high expertise in these areas and will fix these immediately. Other signs that your car battery is not getting charged can be from dimming headlights or a cranking starter.

4. Empty Gas tank

An empty gas tank obviously means you need to get your tank refilled. Always check your car’s tank reading as it is really crucial to get the tank refilled on time. People often tend to forget amidst all the driving around but it is important to keep an eye on your car’s gas tank as it is very crucial to keep refilling petrol even if not taking your car around much.

5. Clogged Fuel Filter

If the fuel filter is clogged, the gasoline will not be able to reach the engine and this would make the car driving difficult as the fuel needed to burn is insufficient in order to get going. The fuel filters must be changed every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres to avoid this problem. Ensure you get your car’s fuel filter checked regularly and changed accordingly.

6. Fuel Pump

A weak fuel pump affects the running of the car even if the path from the fuel tank to the combustion engine is clear. A thorough listen after turning on the car’s key to the ‘on’ position and is still not clear, do not worry, the fuel pump is damaged and the car has nothing to run on. If this is the case, approach a service centre immediately and get the fuel pump replaced.

7. Faulty starter

A faulty starter could be one of the main reasons the car might be unable to start. The starter is an electrical engine that is in connection to the battery. The main role of the starter is to get the engine starting when the ignition switch is turned on. Hearing a cranking and clinking noise is when you know your starter is broken while starting the car. Some of the symptoms of a broken starter include being noisy while starting your car, hearing a lot of clicking noise while turning on the ignition key and the engine still not starting.

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The above are some of the symptoms to watch for in the scenario your car does not start at any cost. You can always approach us at Pitstop in case of any problems regarding your vehicle and we will gladly assist you in doing so and diagnose the problem properly.