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7 Things you shouldn’t do with your car this Holi

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Holi is around the corner and we are pretty sure you are all pumped up to celebrate the color of festivals. With the festival approaching, you must be researching the impact of the colors on your skin and hair. And it is important to take care of your body. So have you got yourself that skin cream and hair oil to protect against the harmful effects of the colors and other substances? We are sure you have.

But have you ever thought about the damage that is done to your car during the festival? All the external factors account to significant damage to your vehicle. Hence, it is equally important to protect your car from the colors.

This is a major reason why people search online car service Delhi options and rush to their preferred car service station in Delhi right after the festival. Sometimes, you can avoid the visit by simply keeping in mind certain things you shouldn’t do with your car this Holi season. Even if you do end up with a messed up car, PitStop the best car service station in Delhi is here to take care of all your problems. For now, let us have a look at a few things to avoid this Holi.

  1. Do not leave your car uncovered: Holi spares no one and when it comes to cars, even a parked car can be a victim to color and water attacks. It is a wise idea to invest in a good car cover and even if you plan to park your car in a basement, make sure to cover it with a good quality body cover which is waterproof and sturdy enough to protect the car.

  1. Do not forget to wax and coat your car: Just like oils and creams protect your skin and hair from the colors and other substances used during the celebration of Holi, cars have their own set of products to keep them safe and secure in case of contact. A layer of car wax can prevent any color to seep onto the layer of paint and spoil the car. This is especially effective on lighter shades such as white and peach. An even better alternative is to get your car Teflon coated. This coating protects not just against colors but also UV rays of the sunlight, thus protecting it from any kind of cosmetic damage.

  1. Do not leave the interiors unprotected: Now you’ve met with your friends and you’ve spent a good time playing with colors and waters but you need to go home. What would you do? How do you get in the car without spoiling it? How do you prevent the colors from seeping in? Well, the simple answer is to protect the interiors of the car as carefully as the exteriors. Use a layer of interior wax on the dashboard and other plastic or leather elements such as seat covers and cover the seats with newspaper or plastic covers to avoid any damage.

  1. Do not keep the windows open: It is a no brainer that Holi is not the right time to enjoy the outside breeze by the window. You never know who might throw that water balloon aimed at your window. Holi sees all different types of substances being thrown at each other. One of the popular items is an egg and it can leave a lasting stink in the car. You don’t want a stinking car, do you? More importantly, the balloon might contain solid colors that can ruin your car interiors. So it is best to keep the windows rolled up securely. This will save you the online car service Delhi search later on the internet.

  1. Do not let the colors settle: If already exposed to the colors and other harmful substances during the Holi celebration, do not delay a car spa. Because you might not have taken precautions to prevent the damage, but not taking an action to get rid of the damage will definitely prove to be harmful. So right after that Holi drive, wash your car with water and good car shampoo.

  1. Do not take the car out: Well, this should’ve topped the list but we saved it for later. We know Holi celebrations mean catching up with friends or going to one of those glamorous Holi parties. This means you need to get into your car and throttle your way to a destination. But, if avoidable, you should definitely avoid taking the car out and save yourself a trip to the car service station in Delhi. One of the best alternatives is to get a cab and save the trouble.

  1. Do not drink and drive: We often ignore common safety norms in lieu of celebrations and these can knowingly or unknowingly turn out to be lethal. Holi often sees a lot of people engaging in illegal practices such as hooliganism and rash driving. While these do not only put your life at risk but can also cause major accidents and lead to bigger problems. Holi parties these days often stretch till late afternoons and early evenings and serve alcohol and other intoxicants. It is very important to never drive under the influence as it can lead to major loss of life and property. This is the most important among the list of things you shouldn’t do with your car this Holi. Do not drink and drive and put anyone at risk.

Holi is a festival of colors and celebrations and while one cannot be one hundred percent careful, taking precautions is important. And even after taking the necessary preventive measures if you end up damaging the car, worry not, because we are the best car service station in Delhi and we understand how important it is to keep the care clean and protected at all times. We, along with our team of experts will help you restore the car to its original form after the Holi woes.

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