We are presently living in a country where the petrol price increases daily. The requirement for a cleaner and eco-friendly fuel is a necessity considering the future of the planet; we must opt for cleaner means for vehicles to reduce emissions and pollutants. Out of the many viable alternatives, compressed natural gas is the most effective option for now and is among the best fuel alternatives. Here are some reasons why CNG is the future fuel :

  1. Clean fuel:
    Compressed Natural Gas happens to burn cleanly as it is mainly composed of methane and when the same burns produce water vapour and carbon dioxide. These compounds are also present when we breathe and hence are not harmful to the environment. On the other hand, petroleum and burning fuel oil produce compounds like Sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides which result in high pollution. 
  2. Better for long-distance coverage:
    Hybrids get depleted soon which means that usually after 50 Km, the combustion engine may not be favourable as it works extra hard because of the weight. With CNG installed, the average car can drive up to 300-400 Km on natural gas then shift to petrol when needed. 
  3. Low carbon emissions:
    Cars that drive on CNG emit less carbon dioxide emissions by a minimum of 30% compared to petrol products and even diesel. When taking a wheel-to-wheel point of view, CNG is comparatively better than other fossil fuels. 
  4. Safest fuel:
    CNG happens to be one of the safest fuels as they have a high flammable rate and can resist up to 750 extreme pressure, heat and crash impacts. Also in case of crash or collision, CNG cylinders are less harmful and dangerous as they are placed in a certain way and only exert gas more than a particular pressure or heat. The gas tanks of CNG are made up of very strong materials such as Carbon Fibre-reinforced plastic. 
  5. Sustainable:
    Since CNG uses Methane as one of the main compounds in its process, it is possible to obtain this compound from biological waste. The prestigious automobile brand, Audi, uses this by splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen which is then added to carbon dioxide, which neutralises the carbon compound. 
  6. Plentiful:
    Since it is easier to make Methane from biological waste, which is found in large numbers, the supply is guaranteed to all vehicles for the decades to come. And prices of natural gas do not depend on prices of oil and are not subject to fluctuation and have remained stable over the years. 
  7. Lesser NOx and PM emissions:
    In comparison to diesel and petrol, natural gas produces less Nitrogen Oxide and Particulate matter during combustion. The process is also quieter during combustion and is called a better urban fuel than diesel or petrol. 
  8. Cheaper fuel:
    From a source taken abroad, the following compares CNG prices with petrol and diesel:
  • CNG = $1.00 TT/L 
  • Super = $ 3.58 TT/L 
  • Premium = $ 5.75 TT/L 
  • Diesel = $ 2.30 TT/L 

As we can see, CNG seems to be the cheapest option and is thus economically viable for all and can save a lot of money on fuel bills. Share your views with us on CNG is the future fuel in the comment section . 

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