A lot of car owners often take their machines for granted. No matter how new the car is or how recently it service, the chances of your car maintenance mistakes breaking down are extremely high. This might occur due to external factors or unavoidable circumstances or it could just be bad luck, but car breakdown is a common occurrence.

Moreover, many people tend to ignore their vehicles and delay their maintenance and service which is again a major cause of car breakdown. You must learn that even a small amount of issues in your car can lead to major damages. Besides, it might also end up hurting your pocket. Thus, Pitstop highly recommends you to keep yourself informed about your car’s health and get its maintenance done on time. But even with maintenance, a lot of people often commit some car maintenance mistakes.

Well, for your reference, we have created a list of mistakes that are common and should be avoided to keep your car healthy for a longer period of time. Keep reading this post to learn 9 common car maintenance mistakes that shorten the life of your car.

Being Uninformed

When driving your vehicle, you should be well aware of the basic working of your car. This includes trying some first response fixes such as checking for fuse, checking connections, and oil levels. Not knowing the basic tests you need to know is one of the most common car maintenance mistakes and can leave you in a lot of trouble.

Dashboard Warning Lights

You all must have noticed some of the warning lights in the dashboard of your car which most people usually ignore. But, they are not aware of the fact that ignoring these warning lights are actually the signal that there are certain issues with either the wiring system or the health of the car. For this reason, one must learn not to ignore such signs in order to keep the vehicle running in the peak condition.

Wiper Maintenance

The windshield in the car acts as the vision of the driver, thus it should not be dirty. The windshield, if dirty can result in minor, as well as major accidents. Not only this, the dirt and dust on the windshield glass cause scratch. Besides, because of the dust, the padding of the windshield also wears out. This is why it is important to keep a check on it and get the rubber replaced regularly if required in order to extend the life of wiper blades.

Tyre Health check

Tyres of the car play an important role in maintaining the stability and the balance of the vehicle. But, with times the tyres wear out and the surface turns bald. If you ignore the wear and tear of tyres, then you are ultimately increasing the chances of major damage or accidents. Therefore, you must always watch out for the signs of a tyre replacement and you all must learn that once the surface of the tyres become bald, they are not at all a good fit and needs to change at the earliest.

People usually ignore this wear and tear and run them a few hundred extra kilometers. One must keep in mind that with every extra kilometer, they are increasing the risk of accidents. Therefore, Pitstop recommends that if you think that the time has come that you need to get your car tyres replaced , do not ignore it and get them changed.

Ignoring the Unusual Noises

Sometimes, while driving, if you notice that there is an unusual noise coming out from your car, make sure that you never ignore it. Ignoring such noisy signals is one of the common mistakes many people make, but they are not aware of the fact that doing this can lead to major damage to the car. Thus, if you do not want to burn your money on car repairs in the future, ensure that you do not ignore the noises and get the vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Irregular Service Cycle

Not getting the car service done at regular intervals is known to be one of the common maintenance mistakes people usually commit. But, one must learn that ignoring the deadlines or driving more kilometers without getting the vehicle’s service done. It can lead to severe damage and ultimately causes the shortening of life span. This is why, make sure that you get your car’s maintenance is done regularly. Its recommended in order to optimize the performance of the engine.

Know the Fluids

Unlike the gauge for fuel level, there are certain other liquids such as the coolant. The engine oil which is needed in a certain quantity to keep the car running smoothly. Keeping a check on these is extremely important. We sometimes ignore these for too long which leads to car breakdowns. We, at Pitstop, ensure the best services at our car repair center Bangalore.

Not Knowing DIY Fixes

Sometimes there are things that you can fix on your own but decide to go to a service center instead. Some of such things include oil change, oil filter change, air filter change, or checking and changing the fuse. These are the things that one can easily do on their own. However, we always suggest taking your car to the service centers on a regular basis. These things are not that complicated and can easily do at your home.

Spending huge amounts of time on taking your car to the garages is not required. You can also opt for scheduling a booking with Pitstop and get these fixes done at your doorstep. Doing this will save a lot of time of yours and you would no longer. It requires to take your vehicle to the authorized service centers where you would have to burn a huge amount of money.

Ignoring Small  Faults 

Have you ever noticed and ignored a busted tail light or a faulty bulb? Well, if yes, you must understand that ignoring this can prove to be dangerous in the long run. Especially, during the winters, on foggy days, it can lead to accidents or unexpected problems. Thus, if you want to prevent such unexpected situations and mishappenings. Its never ignore such small faults in your car.

Key Takeaway

Here, we have discussed the 9 common car maintenance mistakes that you must learn from to increase the overall lifespan for your car and experience a safe driving experience. If you are looking to get your car’s regular check-up done at your doorstep. It schedules a booking with Pitstop, one of the best car repair centers in Bangalore. We also serve in other cities including Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Get Pitstop now!

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