Rapidly rising fuel prices have increased the popularity of CNG car in India. CNG is the best alternative for the Indian consumer. The range anxiety and High costs of electric vehicles are making more consumers look into CNG as a suitable option for alternative fuels.

If you are planning to buy CNG-powered cars there are multiple aspects to keep in mind to avoid future complications. In this article, we will cover 9 vital points to keep in mind while owning a CNG car.

1. Approval on RC

This is the most important validation to check while buying a preowned CNG car. CNG setup can come factory-fitted or customers can install it from dealerships or service stations. Always make sure details about the setup are registered in the RC of the vehicle if it is an after-market CNG kit. If the details are not registered with the motor vehicles department, it may lead to complications and drop the resale value of your car.

2. Engine misfiring

CNG engines need timely maintenance. If you are planning to get a pre-owned CNG car, make sure to collect service records from the previous user. If the previous owner does not provide sufficient records, get the vehicle inspected thoroughly before proceeding any further.

Poorly maintained CNG engines can cause multiple troubles like misfiring of the engine.

3. Clutch Issues

Half clutch driving can be difficult in CNG-powered vehicles, especially if the Air conditioning system is turned on. Since half-clutch driving happens in the first gear, you may face a notable power drop in the vehicle. It is always safe to check the clutch before you buy a pre-owned CNG car.

4. Low pickup

CNG-powered cars generally have a low pickup. However, the pickup rate might drop down gradually with time. Keeping a close check on the pickup and acceleration of your vehicle can help you detect the issue at the initial stages.

5. Rear Suspension issues

Another issue that might emerge in a used CNG car is the suspension issue. The boot of the vehicle houses the CNG tanks and this adds up to the weight in the rear. The rear suspension will have to carry this extra amount of weight throughout its life. therefore affecting the suspension of the car. It is good to check the rear suspension for damages before buying a CNG car.

6. Faulty Air conditioning system

CNG cars with aftermarket kits might have faulty air conditioning systems. This is due to the CNG kit is not being properly tuned with the system. If you are finding it difficult to run the AC, especially when the vehicle is not moving, get it checked with an experienced mechanic or service center.

7. Wiring issues

CNG kits should be programmed properly. If the previous owner did not get it done right, the car will start showing issues while driving. Wiring issues in Aftermarket CNG kits are common. Make sure you get the wiring checked before you make the move to buy a pre-owned vehicle.

8. Blocked injectors

CNG cars should always be started on petrol and should be switched to CNG only after it has run a few kilometers. This allows the engine to warm up before the CNG kicks in. When the users rely more on CNG, the fuel injectors will start developing blocks eventually.

9. Valve Bursting 

People often run their vehicles solely on CNG to save money. However, running on a close to empty tank reduces the pressure and increases the risk of the valves bursting. So, it is always safe to use both fuels equally and maintain a good amount of fuel in both tanks. This will also provide you with better mileage.

CNG is a good option if you have a daily commute of over 50 kilometers. Moreover, if you are shifting to a CNG-powered vehicle to save money, spending a lot on repairs would not be a wise choice.  So always make sure to inspect the car thoroughly before you place a bid on it.

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