Audi recently unveiled its Vorsprung 2030 strategy, which focuses on the brand’s modernisation goals

Audi takes another step toward cementing its position in the inevitable electric future with the launch of the Vorsprung 2030 strategy. The goal of this strategy is to hasten Audi’s electric transformation. The automaker also recently announced that beginning in 2026, it will only launch models with electric drivetrains on a global scale. Between now and 2033, Audi wants to phase out internal combustion engines.

According to Audi CEO Markus Duesmann, the company is focusing on zero-emission technology not just for the sake of it, but to make it more important in terms of keeping the world’s wheel turning. ‘The ‘precedence by technology’ is still necessary since only by using clean technologies can we solve many of the world’s major issues, for example, carbon emissions and global warming.’

Audi announced that it was taking a major investment in 2018 to start its transition to electricity, both by the German automaker and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. By the end of 2019, the automaker had invested $12 billion to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

Audi is now venturing into the creation of concept electric cars, which can give its followers a glimpse of the major plans it has up its sleeves, following the success of its e-tron EV.

Audi is also preparing to reveal Grandsphere, its upcoming electric concept car

Audi recently unveiled the Skysphere concept and is now preparing to reveal the Grandsphere, its next electric concept car, on September 2. These are two of Audi’s three concept electric vehicles that will be on display. The electric vehicle has been teased on the automaker’s social media page, and it appears to be as futuristic as possible.

The exterior of the concept electric sedan will have swooping lines and a flat face with a large signature Audi grille. According to the teasers, the concept EV will have rear-opening doors, allowing for a pillarless entry. It will be equipped with a Level 4 autonomous system, as well as a steering wheel for manual control.