In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find time to wash your car. When you live in cities like Delhi or Bangalore, The dry climate can cause your vehicle to catch dust quickly. Driving around in a dusty car is a shame, and People living in fast-moving metro cities never really get the time to wash their cars.

Washing your car frequently is an important aspect of car care just like taking it to the car service center for regular oil and filter change, brake pad replacement, and tyre rotation. Clean cars are less prone to corrosion and can have a longer life and better performance. Although getting your ride hand-washed is the best choice, the option of automatic car washing might better suit your busy schedule. Car repair services Bangalore now provide automatic car wash services.

What is an automatic car wash?

A misconception in the world of automotive detailing is that all automatic car washes are the same. This is simply not true. In fact, there are different types of automatic cleaning techniques and installations, each offering a different way of accomplishing the same task: removing dirt from the vehicle.

Touchless Car Wash

automatic car washes The touchless car wash is the easiest to use and the least likely to damage your vehicle. This system typically includes an automated in-bay system, where the driver enters a wash bay and the system moves to the stationary vehicle to wash it. Some of these non-contact car wash systems connect the wheels to a series of gears and a conveyor system, which move the vehicle through the contactless process, sometimes including washing the undercarriage.

Tunnel Car Wash

automatic car washesTunnel car wash is getting a lot of popularity in metro cities like Bangalore and Delhi. You simply have to drive your car through a tunnel and your car will look spick and span when you drive out of the tunnel. There are three types of tunnel car washes:

  • The express tunnel where the entire cleaning and drying process happens inside the tunnel.
  • Flux serve tunnel, where only exterior washing takes place inside the tunnel.
  • And the Full-service tunnel provides paint protection spray or sealant as an option in the final step.


How often should I get my car washed?

Frequent car washes are recommended if you use your car for your daily commute. And if the car is too dusty that you can’t tell the color of your vehicle, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Go get your car washed immediately. Getting your car washed every two weeks is recommended.

Is an automatic car wash safe for my car?

Having dirt and debris on your car can cause severe harm to your vehicle. If left untreated these contaminants can cause rust to the metal parts of your vehicle. A professional hand washing your car is the best way to go. But automatic car washes can do a similar job in lesser time. Automatic car wash is a safe option and helps in the quick removal of dust, mud, tar, and more.

What vehicles can go through an automatic car wash?

Almost all 4 wheelers like vans, SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks up to 84 inches tall and have a ground clearance of a minimum of 4 inches can go through automatic car washes. Beds of pickup trucks have to be emptied before entering the washing tunnel. Convertible cars can go through an automatic car wash if the top is up and secured. 

Can I drive a freshly-painted car through the car wash?

If you have recently done denting and automotive painting on your vehicle, it is safe to wait for 30 days. The hard rubbing or wax sealants can cause breathing issues on the clear coat and may affect it from curing well.

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