Bentley is preparing to add a fully electric luxury vehicle to its lineup. The Luxury carmaker is taking the initiative to shift to a greener source of energy. The BEV from Bentley will come at a high price range like other vehicles from the brand. The first EV from Bentley will hit the road in 2025. Moreover, The automaker is planning to bring multiple EVs across different segments. Keep reading to know more about Bentley’s plans for the future. 

Bentley has not yet put out any details about the shape, size, or any other details about the upcoming BEV. However, we expect that the First EV from Bentley could be based on Volkswagen’s Artemis electric vehicle architecture. This is currently under development by a team led by Audi engineers. The complete electrification is a part of Bentley’s new vision which is called ‘Beyond 100’.

Bentley Beyond 100 endeavour by Bentley

Bentley manufacturing plant The luxury car manufacturer will invest a total amount of £2.5 billion in the coming ten years toward its goal of complete electrification. This investment will help Bentley in creating all the resources needed for the best-in-class manufacturing set-up in its Britain plant.

‘Beyond 100’ is one of the boldest moves by the automaker in its entire history. This new initiative is an ambitious and reliable strategy for a carbon-neutral future. In fact, the automaker plans to shift to a complete BEV lineup within 8 years. 

Our aim is to become the benchmark not just for luxury cars or sustainable credentials but the entire scope of our operations”. Although this is a difficult and ambitious dream, Bentley is working its way forward to achieve a long-term sustainable future in Crewe. The Crewe plant will have around 4000 employees working together in harmony to bring out well-crafted, powerful, and super luxurious BEVs to the market. 

Bentley Motors Ltd. is a century-old automotive brand renowned for its quality and luxury. Furthermore, the advanced technology and infrastructure of Bentley’s parent company Volkswagen will help the automaker create great electric vehicles. However, we will have to wait for a few more years to see the super luxurious electric vehicle come to life. 

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