Modern-day technology has given way to innovations that have made life easier. In the automobile industry, cars are coming up with new features every day. These aren’t just electronic or mechanical but also design visual. These features improve the overall experience of the vehicle.

While every manufacturer has many features to offer, let us look at some of the trending-features in cars. But it is not just the accessibility and performance but also the ‘cool’ factor that inspires these innovations. So, let’s look at these cool interior car features.

Aluminum Body:

While it might not ‘sound’ like the coolest-feature, the fact that cars are now built with aluminum is a huge-evolution.

Even, SUVs and trucks have aluminum-built bodies making them lighter than traditional vehicles. Being built with aluminum reduces body weight leading to better fuel efficiency, power, and handling. The ability to be lighter than before is a very important feature enabling better performing and longer-lasting vehicles.

Automobile Integrated Mobile System: 

With everyone dependent on their mobile phones for almost everything, automobile companies felt the need to integrate mobile systems with vehicles.

And to fulfill this desire, iPhone and Android have respectively come out with CarPlay and Android Auto. It enables users to get access to their smartphones on the go. Many manufactures have started manufacturing in-built systems in the dashboard with easy and safe access.

Smart Sunroofs:

Gone are the days when sunroofs were the mere accessories meant for getting your head out and looking cool. Mercedes has come up with an entire new concept by introducing the smart sunroof system.

Usually, we call the “magic sky”. We can adjust the smart sunroof as per the mood. We can also block out the sunlight or lighten it and let the sky views in. The feature has been introduced recently by Mercedes Benz.

Voice Recognition System:

Voice recognition systems have been on the rise. Many car manufacturers are now adding central systems for voice recognition. These systems allow users to ask questions and get work done such as the nearest fuel station or directions to a place.

Many brands such as Fiat, Jeep and have install connect systems in their 2015 and later models allowing users to get work done using voice commands. This makes the list of cool interior car features because of its handsfree abilities.

Anti-collision Warning  Systems:

One of the most useful latest car features, warns the users in case of a potential crash. The alert system warns the user and also applies brakes to get the situation under control in case of a higher speed.

One of the most popular anti-collision systems is the Subaru Eyesight. It is also one of the earliest ones to introduce the brake application feature.
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