As most of the carmakers globally are prepping shift towards electrification BMW is committing itself to introduce efficient combustion engines. Yes, the German carmaker has decided to invest in the development of petrol and diesel engines to comply with future emission regulations. Along with their electrification plans, they intend to continue providing their customers with new 6 cylinders and V8 engines. 

BMW has confirmed that they are going to put an end to their V12 engines this June. Yes, the last batch of these engines will be used in the limited edition 7-series sold in the US. 

BMW Next-generation ICE’s 

Even though the world is moving towards electric vehicles, BMW believes that ICE (Internal combustion engine) will still be needed. Frank Weber, BMW R&D boss in an interview with Auto Motor Und Sport mentioned “One thing is certain for us: we still need the state of the art combustion engine for a few years to effectively reduce CO2 emissions in the passenger car sector globally. That’s why we’re working on a new generation of engines: petrol, diesel, 6-cylinder, eight cylinders. They will then also be technologically prepared for the coming emission standards.”

The next-generation V8 petrol engines are rumoured to be only a few months away from production. Codenamed S68, the new V8 is most likely to debut in the upcoming 7 series limousine in mid-2022. Along with this, the 7th generation M5 scheduled to arrive in 2024 will feature the new hybrid V8 powertrain. Making it the most powerful BMW yet. However, there is no update on the new 6-cylinder engine. 

Goodbye V12! 

BMW engines

BMW V12 engine in the 7-Series

A legacy of over 36 years will come to end in 2022. BMW is ready to ditch their V12 engine off their lineup. However, Rolls Royce, their subsidiary brand will stick to the V12 for a few more years to come. 

The confirmation comes from a spokesperson from BMW Australia, “We can confirm that a V12 variant will not be offered in the next-generation BMW 7-series.” 

The BMW M760i xDrive
Source: Autoblog

As a tribute, BMW will produce 12 examples of the M760i xDrive only meant for the US market. The car will feature a V12 badging at the rear and the door sills and the engine cover is inscribed with ‘THE FINAL V12’. They will also commemorate the car with individual plague in the centre console as “1 of 12”. 

The flagship limousine will be available with a wide variety of bespoke customization options. The massive 6.6-litre V12 bi-turbo engine churns out 600hp and 850Nm of torque. This is coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission with BMWs all-wheel-drive system (xDrive). 

BMW electrification plans 

BMW has not set an end date to stop producing ICEs and go fully electric. Although they have set massive targets to achieve by 2025. They intend to sell approximately 2 million EVs globally by the end of 2025 accounting for at least 25% of their total sales. 

BMW In 2025, BMW will introduce ‘Neue Klasse’ or NK, a new electric centric platform. This platform also sticks to a strong sustainable path. The designers at BMW will eliminate the use of chrome, leather and other materials. 

According to rumours, the first car under this platform will be the next generation 3 series named the NK1. 

To sum up, BMW thinks combustion engines still have a major role to play in the automotive industry. Their commitment towards ICE seems to be unshaken giving it priority over BEVs. What do you think about BMWs vision? Should they stop investing in internal combustion engines and focus on electric vehicles? Let us know in the comments section. 

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