Currently, the least expensive electric Vehicle of the BMW will be the upcoming BMW i4 which starts at $55,400. Although BMW recently released an official teaser for a new model, the iX1 EV. It is expected to be BMW’s most affordable, entry-level electric crossover which is based on the BMW X1.

BMW iX1 EVThe X1 is already a great choice for a car, turn that into an EV and it gets very interesting. In the latest teaser, it is quite obvious that the design cues are taken from its sibling, the iX3. BMW said that the iX1 crossover will offer a range of about 413 to 438 km.

BMW iX1 EV: Style

The interiors of the new BMW iX1 will impress anyone and that alone will be convincing enough to purchase the car. The current X1 in the market is an admirable car with a good amount of cargo space, brilliant interior design and passenger space as well. Similarly, the iX1 is a roomier car and it has the same features as the X1. Although compared to the BMW X1, it does not have any increased interior space despite having less running mechanical gear.

BMW iX1 EVEven though the spied pictures of the car are camouflaged, the new iX1 looks really sleek and sporty. Its external look is also very similar to the BMW X1’s, although the iX1 will have a few additional blue badges. 

This BMW has not designed the iX1 with the US market in mind. The model page of this car was mainly added to many UK based websites and not any US websites. BMW’s rivals, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are also launching EVs in the same segment, the Q4 e-tron and the EQB

The EV’s architecture

The new BMW iX1 will be based on the X1 crossover. The EV’s architecture will have an upgraded version of the BMW’s FWD drivetrain. The body of the iX1 will also be very similar to the BMW X1’s. 

The debut of the BMW iX1 is well-awaited and it is an important car for the BMW empire as well. It will be the most affordable EV that BMW has to offer in the segment. The iX1’s price is expected to undercut the prices for all other EVs currently in the market. The new model is also expected to be a big seller for the Bavarian automotive company.

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