You might have noticed some high-end Mercedes vehicles with a ‘B’ in place of the Mercedes logo. These are vehicles tuned and modified by a luxury automotive tuning/ altering company called Brabus. In this article, we will see what distinguishes Brabus vs Mercedes AMG.

Brabus was the creation of Bodo Buschmann, a German, who wanted his Mercedes Benz to be faster and smoother than the regular production vehicle. In the 1980s there weren’t many tuning or overhauling shops. So when he noticed that personalized and adjusted houses could not offer what he wanted, he created Brabus to offer such services.

Brabus GmbH works and modifies the interior of Mercedes Benz. Moreover, It also upgrades the car’s engine to make it smooth and more powerful. As a result, many elite Mercedes owners send their cars directly to Brabus for a complete overhaul. 

Brabus vs AMG: What is the difference

Mercedes-AMG and Brabus might look similar but they are very much different. Both the brands are high-performance tuning companies with the motive to improve the engine performance of Mercedes Benz. Moreover, they also make interior and exterior styling updates to make the vehicles even more appealing. However, AMG is a sub-brand owned by Mercedes while Brabus is an entity of its own. 

Mercedes AMGAMG is the more famous brand of the two. High-performance variants from Mercedes come with an AMG badge. Furthermore, AMG versions can be bought from any Mercedes dealership. Also, the customers can spec out the AMG vehicles from their local dealerships. AMG is also a trim level on some modern Mercedes cars, without any performance enhancements. 

Brabus logoOn the other hand, Brabus can only be bought or modified from their factory. Brabus modifications are often Bespoke, and they will do any kind of updations the customer wishes for, within reason. For the same reason, models from Brabus can be very expensive. While the resale value of AMG cars depreciate, Brabus vehicles tend to hold value over time. 

You might be thinking about which among the two is more powerful. Well, the answer is simple. Brabus offers some of the most powerful Mercedes vehicles. In fact, a Brabus tuning can add up to 200 bhp on an AMG version Mercedes.


Although Brabus sounds like a superior brand, Engineers in AMG does all the research and development on Mercedes vehicles. AMG is responsible for the power and drivability of vehicles from Mercedes Benz. Moreover, AMG does the designing and engineering of Mercedes F1 cars. There is no competition between both brands. Brabus is a luxury aftermarket service provider that adds more value to the already luxurious and powerful Mercedes AMG vehicles. 

A Brabus tuning can cost you anywhere between $20,000 – $40,000. That is around ₹30 lakhs. Some of the common vehicles modified by Brabus are Mercedes G-wagon, S-class, E-class, smart cars, etc. 

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