No matter how much ever careful we are, we somehow end up getting small scratches or dents on our cars. It’s always a shame to ride around in a car with patches of scraped paint. Dents and scratches are inevitable. If you are living in a city like Pune they can be caused by an accident, a cricket ball flying through the road, or a fallen tree branch, dents and scratches can occur on any part of your ride and make your car look like trash.

The process of car denting and painting can make your car look like it just came out of the showroom doors. 

What is car denting and painting?

A car dent is a bump on the body panel, if not attended immediately it can damage the rest of the body panel. Car dents remove the paint on the body panels and expose the metals inside to moisture and dust. This can eventually lead to corrosion of the metal body.

There are many reasons that may cause car dents, here are a few:

  • Accidents
  • Poles
  • Hail
  • Tree branches
  • Kids playing cricket or football

Denting is the process of removing car dents and making the body parts even. Repairing dent’s is not an easy task; it requires a lot of tools and experience. Taking your car to a professional service center is the best option to avoid the risk of corrosion or any other issues in the future.

Body panels are generally made of plastic or metal. And the repair process may be different for both materials. 

Car dents are classified into four types :

  • Small dents on plastic panels
  • Large dents on plastic panels
  • Small dents on metal panels
  • Large dents on metal panels

Fixing dents on plastic panels

Fixing minor dents in plastic:

It is easy to fix minor dents. Blow hot air with a heat gun on the affected area, then push the dent from inside to flip it back to normal. blow cool air on the area to make the change permanent.

Another easy method is using a suction dent puller to pop out the dent.

Fixing major dents in plastic:

The first step to fixing a large dent is heating the affected area using a heat gun. Attach a dent puller and pull the dent outside. repeat this process until the surface is even.

Fixing dents on metal panels

Fixing minor dents in metal:

Clean the panel and affected area thoroughly. Apply glue on the affected area and stick the bridge puller head to the deepest point of the affected area. Wait for 4-5 minutes for the glue to dry. Once the glue is dry, turn the bridge puller dial to pull out the dent. After fixing the dent, remove the puller head and glue by applying heat.

 This process can help in fixing small dents quickly.

Fixing major dents in metal:

Large dents require a complex method. Heat the area with a heat gun and pull out the dent with a suction dent puller. This will reduce the size of the dent. Clean the area using a microfiber cloth. Apply glue on the dent and pull it out using a bridge puller.

Automotive painting

Car denting and painting

Pitstop’s painting crew performing a paint job

It is easy to get your car scratched. Especially when you live in a city like Pune where there is heavy traffic and crowded streets. No matter how much ever you try to take care of your car, it ends up getting scratched.

Scratches on cars are of different types – the scratches can vary from small clear coat scratches to patches revealing the metal body.

Every paint scratch is unique and requires different types of approaches and care for fixing them. 

Types of automotive scratches:

Paint scratches can be classified into 4 levels depending on the depth.

  • Clear-Coat scratch – Level 1 
  • Paint embedded – Level 2 
  • Primer deep – Level 3 
  • Bare metal – Level 4 

Here is a detailed description of these scratches and how to fix them.

Clear Coat Scratch

Clearcoat scratches are common and easily fixable. This type of scratches is usually formed by the rubbing of dust or dirt particles while washing or drying the car. when the car is rubbed using a rough sponge or dirty cloth it creates minor scratches in a linear or swirly pattern. Using clean and good quality detailing clothes while washing and drying cars can help prevent this type of scratches.

Clearcoat scratches can be removed through a process called buffing. This process involves applying a rubbing/polishing the body panel using a compound and a microfiber buffing pad. The pad polishes the clear coat layer by layer until the scratches are no longer visible.   

Paint embedded scratch

When the scratch penetrates through the clearcoat there is a good chance for it to have affected the paint too. This type of scratch can occur when bumpers collide or a naughty kid decides to get artsy using keys or sharp objects.

When the scratch perforates the paint The repair process gets more complex. Using a touch-up pen may work, but it is always safe to consult a professional to fix this kind of scratches. Removing the clear coat around the scratch and repainting the area is the solution to fix embedded scratches.

Primer deep

car denting and painting

Close-up image of professional car painting, focus on the foreground.

The solution is completely out of your hands if the scratch has gone past the paint. Fixing scratches that have entered the primer zone is difficult. the solution is sanding down the entire area and respraying primer and multiple layers of paint and clear coats. This process has to be done carefully to get a good finish in the end. It is always better to get professional help for automotive painting.

Bare metal

If the bare metal under the paint and primer is visible, immediate action needs to be taken. delaying the repair can cause various problems like corrosion of the metal inside.

If you spot metal deep scratches on your vehicle, spraying the area using a spray can filled with a clear coat will help to keep the metal unexposed until you take it to a professional to get it fixed.

To know more about car denting and painting check out Pitstop. A car service brand that’s recognized for its quality and reliable service. They are available in all major cities in India, to fulfill your automotive needs. Pitstop uses high-quality equipment for denting services and use manufacturer-recommended paints for automotive painting. Everything from repairing small dents to large paint scratches is included in the car denting and painting package provided by Pitstop.

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