An environmentally friendly car can be considered a CNG car. CNG cars are becoming more and more popular by the day more than the other fuel types including petrol, diesel and so on. It is a much better alternative that is also comparatively affordable. CNG not only helps the environment and your car, but in terms of safety, it is a great type of fuel. 

Advantages of CNG cars

The first and obvious point would be that CNG cars are environment-friendly and they produce fewer hydrocarbon emissions than petrol or gas. It is also much more economically helpful as it is cheaper than LPG and petrol and helps save a lot of money. The engine will be clean and unharmed as the natural fuel is in fact good for the engine. Spark plugs and converters remain preserved in CNG cars, and last longer. CNG in comparison to other fuels like petrol, diesel and LPG, is much safer and its gas tanks are stronger as well.

Disadvantages of CNG 

A major disadvantage of owning a CNG vehicle is that there is only a limited number of CNG gas stations across the country. Only some states in India have CNG gas stations, if your state does not have one, then it is pointless to buy a CNG car. A lot of space is also required for a CNG tank as it is large and pretty heavy. It usually takes up a lot of boot space which might bring about an inconvenience. Since the tank is heavy, it affects the reliability and performance of the car as well.

The running costs for CNG cars are comparatively low, although the prices for the gas kit come between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000. There will be a decreased power output as well when using CNG powered cars. You can easily understand the difference in power when driving a petrol car and a CNG car. 

The use of CNG cars in the market for the year 2022 as a whole has definitely increased. Many customers are also preferring CNG cars over the other fuel types. There are many advantages and also shortcomings to the CNG fuel type. Cars like the Maruti Ertiga, Dzire, WagonR, Tata Tiago, Tigor are some of the CNG car models launched in the country. Making a decision between a CNG or petrol/diesel fuel type completely depends on the availability in certain areas and also the customer’s choice. 

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