During winters, people often wonder how to travel distant places on the snow-clad roads. Many people are of the belief that a 4 wheel drive on ice is better than a 2 wheel ride. It is believed that 4 wheel drive car in snow  will better handle the snow. But is it true? Let’s find out.

Snow and ice cause problems on the roads. During these conditions, the performance of the vehicle is determined by its ability to grip the road surface. Vehicles are unable to grip the road as much due to the barrier between the road and tyre, i.e., the snow. This is known as traction.

Tyres are designed with grooves and tread, so that ice, snow, and water spread into the tread and allow the tyre to have direct contact with the road. When the contact is less between the tyre and the road, it results in a lesser grip and leads to sliding and skidding. It is clear that more surface area is required for making contact with the road.

drive car in snow

How can a 4 wheel drive in the snow make a difference?

  • It is important to know that driving car in snow doesn’t improve traction. Having 4 wheels doesn’t ensure that the tyres will get direct contact and grip on the snow-clad road. It is a myth that 4 wheel vehicles can manage better on ice because they have wider tyres.
  • Yet another point to be noted is that 4 wheel drive will not improve braking. Having 4 wheels will not improve the brake stop time in the snow and ice. A vehicle with 2 wheels has the same braking as a vehicle with 4 wheels. Also, some people argue that heavier vehicles are harder to stop, especially once they begin to slide on areas such as hills.
  • Also, 4 wheel drive doesn’t improve the steering of the vehicle.

So the pertinent question is if the 4 wheel drive has any benefit in snow and ice? The only benefit that a 4 wheel drive has is the ability to move in the first place. 4 wheel drive gives the vehicle more power to be able to go from stop to moving in challenging terrains such as ice, snow, mud, and slush. Also, these vehicles are better known for getting out of trouble.

What helps in snow and ice?

  • Driving slowly and keeping the revs low
  • Winter tyres
  • Patience
  • Tyre chains
  • Pump the brakes and not slam on

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