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AC Disinfection

AC Disinfection

As a result of the current global pandemic, all of us have learned the importance of protecting ourselves from exposure to germs and pathogens. We’re learning to disinfect our houses, clothes, even pets. But there is one more place where your chances of exposure to bacteria are just as high – your car. Studies have shown that car surfaces can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. This is why it is important to maintain hygiene in your car. You can start with AC disinfection and sanitisation. It is one of the important services that plays an important role in keeping your car safe from Coronavirus.

Though there is a lockdown and a lot of people are working from home, people are still able to go out either to buy necessary items and in case of emergency. But for such situations, ensure that your car remains a safe space. This means that you need to take extra care to keep your car clean and disinfected to reduce the risk of the coronavirus. Besides, it is important to disinfect and sanitise your car’s AC. Keep reading this post to learn more about the importance of disinfecting and sanitising your vehicle.

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The Importance of AC Disinfection

Well, you must be keeping your house clean but are you doing the same with your car? Have you ever thought that this virus can also be spread through your car? If no, then we at Pitstop would like to tell you that it is essential for you to properly clean and disinfect your car as well, especially the AC unit. Yes, AC vents in a car accumulate harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses throughout driving. 

According to research, the steering wheel and the interior of a car are teemed with around 700 harmful bacteria and germs per square inch. Besides, your car’s AC becomes the breeding ground for these bacterias when it is turned on. This means that your car’s interior is roughly 9 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Not only are these elements responsible for the bad odour in your car, they also pose potential risks to your health every time you’re inhaling the air in your car.

So how do you protect yourself? Well for starters we are providing you with the steps to neutralise bad odours from your car’s AC unit. Also, how you can disinfect and sanitize it to protect yourself from the novel Coronavirus. Before we discuss them, let’s understand when exactly you need to clean your car’s  air conditioner.

When to Clean or Disinfect Your Car’s Air Conditioner?

Your car’s AC circulates clean air as long as it’s evaporator is clean and not clogged. If it gets blocked due to dirt that usually happens after every 10,000 km, it ultimately affects your health and comfort when you breathe contaminated air full of bacterias, fungi, and viruses.

Besides, if you notice a bad smell coming when you are turning on your AC, the reason could be the stocking up of unwanted substances like rubber or plastic in the unit (You will notice this only when the AC is on for a longer period.)

To treat this, you can use disinfectant and cleaning products such as aerosol sprays. You can spray the products into the cowl area of your air conditioner’s vent to remove the debris, mildew and neutralise the bad odour. 

Thus, if you want to breathe fresh air and do not want to take any risk with your health, make sure that you get the AC disinfection cleaning done for your car.

Steps for AC Disinfection and Sanitisation

When it comes to reducing the risk from coronavirus, you need to be considerate about the air you breathe while travelling in your car. And for this, you can give your car an AC Disinfection Cleaning and Sanitization service.  

Here we have given a list of 6 things that you must do to keep yourself safe from the threat of the coronavirus while travelling in your car in case of an emergency. 

1. Dismantle the Cooling Device

If you are going to clean and disinfect your car’s AC, the first thing you need to do is take the AC apart by dismantling it properly. This would provide you with greater access to clean the inner surfaces as well. By removing the outer part, you will be able to remove the dirt and the debris accumulated on the AC duct or vent. Besides, this would make you able to remove other parts of your car’s air conditioner such as the hoses, condensers and the evaporators. 

2. Get the Dirt Out of Your Eye

Firstly, remove the dirt and debris from the AC vent using an aerosol. Further, get the dirt out of your eye by flushing it and then, take a clean piece of cloth and wipe each of the pieces down the side so that the dust is removed properly. 

3. Look into the Ducts

Further, make sure that you search the ducts properly. These ducts will look like a large tube that is stemmed from the zig-zagged tubes of the AC unit’s evaporator. But, keep in mind that you are just looking for the leakages. While you are investigating, if you find any leaks, you can stop the leak using duct tape. If left untreated, it can lead to major mishappenings. 

4. Uninstall the AC Accumulator for Cleaning

After cleaning the vents or the ducts of your car’s air conditioning unit, you need to clean the accumulator. An accumulator is responsible for filtering out the debris as it is filled with the moisture-absorbing material. However, the filtration system usually gets clogged or bogged down over time and can result in dust and debris build-up. Thus, at certain times, it becomes necessary to replace it. Otherwise, it may damage the entire AC system of your car.

Since the air conditioning unit of your car is a crucial part, it should not be neglected. If you neglect it, it can further damage your car’s engine and minimize the fuel efficiency. Thus we recommend you to follow the above steps to disinfect the air conditioning unit. If you are unsure that you will be able to do this properly, then we suggest that you do not take any chance. Get the servicing done from the professionals. 

Is Your Car in Need of thorough AC Disinfection and Cleaning? 

The experts at Pitstop are always available to ensure your car will not pose any health and safety risk to you and your loved ones. We are offering AC Disinfection Cleaning Service at your doorstep for your convenience at affordable pricing. Our service includes AC vent cleaning, sanitisation, cabin disinfection, and interior dusting. (To check the price for Hatchbacks, Sedans, and SUVs, click here). 

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