Non-car enthusiasts usually think car wash is the same as car detailing, but it is not. Car wash is all about cleaning the car intensely both inside and out. But detailing includes experts working on the car step by step to regain the newness of the vehicle both on the inside and outside. This also keeps your car look clean and new. 

People usually get their car washed and stop it right there. Just washing your car results in swirl marks and scratches on the body. This could be a result of the use of hard hands, low-quality cloth, repeated use of same cloth, hard brushed and some more unknown reasons. Detailing is the solution for this. Let’s learn more about the steps involved in the process. There are basically two types of detailing, Interior and exterior detailing. 

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is quite stringent and time-consuming as the expert has to reach every intricate corner. All upholstery inside the car needs to be vacuumed and shampooed to remove stains and any dirt. If there’s leather it is often conditioned and scrubbed to remove deeply ingrained dirt. Plastics, vinyl and interior glass is thoroughly cleaned, dressed and polished. It also includes few other steps: 

  • Carpet Vacuum cleaning 
  • Seats dry cleaning
  • Doors cleaning and shine
  • Roof dry cleaning
  • Dashboard clean and polish
  • Odor Correction 

Exterior Detailing 

Exterior Detailing doesn’t mean a quick water wash followed by polish or wax. There are multiple steps that need to be followed. This helps to minimize or remove scratches, swirl marks, restore the shine of the paint which gives your car a glossy new look. It also enhances the life of your cars body. The process includes the following steps: 

  • Full-service Hand car wash
  •  Shampoo Wash 
  • Outer body cutting 
  • Outer body polishing 
  • Light scratch removal 
  • Tar, bugs and tree sap marks removal
  • Wheel and tyre detailing
  • Glass and Windshield cleaning 

There are some benefits for getting your car detailed entirely.

  • Enhances life of the different parts keeping them in the best condition. 
  • With the use of nano coating, Paint Protection Flim (PPF), Sealant & Wax, the original paint from the manufacturer is protected. 
  • Appearance is everything when selling your car. Regular detailing increases the resale value of your car. 
  • With clean and shiny surfaces it gives you a healthy driving experience 

Engine Bay Cleaning 

The engine bay is an area which you don’t want to forget. Keeping this area clean is vital for the proper functioning of all components. Many times detailers miss cleaning the engine bay. 

Engine bay detailing follows some steps.

  •  Protect all components which are sensitive to water.
  • Give it an initial hose down
  • Add the degreaser to remove oil stains 
  • Rinse the degreased parts and repeat until its clean
  • Now clean it with automotive soap followed by rinsing and drying 
  • Polish all plastic and metal components 

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People often neglect the idea of getting their car detailed once in a while. It could cost you a little more bucks but the final result is really impressive. For a shiny, clean and good looking car, it is important that you get it done regularly. Your car surely deserves a day at Pitstop spa, right at your home. Book a car care service now!