If you are planning a road trip with others and want to make it one of the memorable trips, it is essential that you keep in mind the car maintenance checklist as well. Car maintenance is considered to be one of the most prominent things to consider while you are planning for any road trip. The reason behind the same is you never know when you will face the disturbance in your car.

You might be thinking what are the car maintenance tips that you must consider? Here your search has come to an end. Here are some basic checklist points to help you with the car maintenance for the road trip:

Engine oil

Make sure the level of engine oil in your car is appropriate. In case you have missed the date when you are supposed to go for an oil change, it is time to consider it now. This is because if the level is not appropriate, it is likely to create further problems for you while driving.


The hoses installed in your car would last for 10 years if all they did were sit on a shelf. But when you are using a car, you daily get subjected to high temperatures and around 212 degree boiling points. It is essential that you buy a hose patch as a precaution when you are looking to traveling long distances. You never know when it can create a further problem. Also, check the heater hoses which run from the engine into the firewall and at the back as well.

Car Maintenance

Engine coolant

Engine coolant is also considered to be one of the most important things that need your attention while planning your trip. New vehicles now come equipped with the same but if you have the older one, make sure you have the engine available so that in case of emergency you can use it. if the engine gets heated, you will not be able to use your car until the engine comes to an appropriate temperature.

Brake system

Do not forget to check the brake system. There is a fluid present in the brake system which has a propensity to pull and soak up moisture. If you haven’t checked the same in the past 3-4 years, then check it before you leave. Ensure that it is up to the mark. In case, it is not up to the mark then contact Pitstop. They provide you the doorstep service. Pitstop provides you with a pickup service and also drops your car back at your place.  

Once you are up with all the things in place, go for a test drive, and check if everything is working appropriately. In case you have found anything which needs to be repaired, get in touch with Pitstop. You can also download the Pitstop car repair app to make things easy for you.

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