Safety plays a significant role whether you are using a car or you are using a bike. Usually, it has been seen that people find it challenging to drive the car during monsoon. The reason behind the same is they do not have an idea about the weather and this further creates problem for them. If you are also among those who have faced the same troubles and wish to get rid of these, here are a few safety driving tips for monsoon season which will help you to drive your car effectively.

Driving tips during the rainy season are

  • Windshield

Make sure the windshield of your car is clean. If it is not cleaned, it can create dangerous situations for you within no time. Visibility is one of the main things necessary when you are driving through the rains. Even in foggy conditions, you must have good visibility. Proper maintenance can help in extending the life of wiper blades and make them work effectively for a longer period of time.

Tires and Brakes

During the rainy season, the tires and brakes must be in perfect condition. In this particular season, the disk/drums get wet and become less effective.  Maintain the optimum tire pressure as recommended in your car service booklet. Also, do not forget to check for any signs of tyre replacement. Furthermore, the tires must have more than 30% threads left on them. You can turn towards Pitstop if you need to get a car brake problem service in Bangalore.

Prevention is better than cure. You have no control over natural calamities, but you can have the preventions available against the risk of driving as well. You can get your car insured and claim for repairs on car damages caused by hailstones, floods, and other natural calamities. Also, you will be happy to know that in case it was damaged beyond repair, you can get the insured declared value of your car.


You must know about parking as well. Do not park under the trees which are having electric poles next to them. During the rainy season, you never know when they shed some branches. These branches affect the roof of your car, which also affects the structural rigidity of your vehicle. so, park your vehicle at a place where there is no such risk.

  • Avoid flooded roads

When you are driving, make sure you are not going to any of the waterlogged roads. These will let you lose the control of your vehicle’s manual ability. If the water enters in your engine, it will be affected. If in case you have passed through any waterlogged area, make sure you are driving at a minimum of 1500 rpm. By doing the same, you are ensuring that water is not entering your car’s engine through the exhaust pipe. If at any point in time, you need a car clutch service in Bangaloreget in touch with Pitstop. They are efficient in resolving any of the car issues.

These are few tips which you can consider when you are driving in rainy or monsoon season. Moreover, after driving through any of these areas, then you must consider servicing your car as well. There are numerous service providers that are available that offer car service at doorstep in Bangalore.