It is sure that the pandemic has created a lot of troubles in the functioning of major systems. Car industry is another huge bait of COVID-19. But nevertheless the sales that the car industries are making after the second wave hit is commendable. Surprisingly the sales made after the second wave in July 2021 is a lot bigger than the sales made last year, after the first wave. 

The month of July 2021 had a total of 2,94,330 units sold. In July of last year, 1,97,610 units were sold, representing a YoY increase of 48.94 percent. All other carmakers, with the exception of Ford, have seen YoY growth. In June 2021, 2,55,673 units were sold, a 15.12 percent increase over the previous month. Only Ford and Citroen have a negative year-over-year growth rate.

Maruti Suzuki is the market leader

Maruti is at the top of the market with 1,33,732 units in July 2021.When compared to the 97,768 units sold in July of previous year, the YoY stats have improved by 36.79 percent. In June 2021, 1,24,280 units were sold, representing a 7.61 percent increase over the previous month. Maruti has a 45.44 percent market share.

Maruti is proactively introducing its next-generation automobiles in order to keep its advantage. The company has also secured Rs 18,000 crore in funding for the construction of a new facility. When fully operational, this will be a gigantic factory capable of producing 10 lakh units per year. Haryana is the most likely location for this project.

Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki’s main competitor, announced a 25.8% increase in sales last month; the South Korean automaker sold 48,042 vehicles in July 2021, compared to 38,200 units the previous year. In order to increase sales, the South Korean firm will introduce a number of new items in the near future. Casper mini UV is one among them, and it will compete with the Maruti Ignis, Mahindra KUV100, and the incoming Tata HBX. The Hyundai Stargazer MPV, which will compete with the Maruti Ertiga, may also be released.

ManufacturerJul – 21 salesJun – 21 salesDiffrerenceMoM Growth in %%Share in Jun – 21






Tata’s sales in July 2021 have increased by a factor of two.

Tata Motors is ranked third, with 30,184 vehicles sold in July. In July of last year, 15,012 units were sold, representing a YoY increase of 101.07 percent. When compared to the 24,110 units sold in June 2021, sales have increased by 25.19 percent. 10.26% of the market is occupied.

Tata’s portfolio currently includes several bestsellers, including Tiago, Nexon, Altroz, Harrier, and Safari. Tata’s next vehicle will most likely be the HBX compact SUV. Nexon achieved their best monthly sales to date in July 2021.

With 20,797 units sold in July, Mahindra sits in fourth place. In July of last year, 10,904 units were sold, which represents a 90.73 percent increase year over year. In June 2021, 16,913 units were sold, representing a 22.96 percent increase over the previous month. Mahindra’s market share in July was 7.07 percent.

Kia sits in fifth place on the list, with 15,016 units sold in July. In July of last year, 8,502 units were sold, representing a YoY increase of 76.62 percent. With only a single unit gain in July, the MoM values are nearly equal. Kia has a market share of 5.10 percent. Toyota (13,103 units), Renault (9,787), Honda (6,055), Nissan (4,259), and MG (Retail) round out the top ten (4,225).