Ever been in a situation where you walk up to your car and observe that annoying scratch on the shiny paint? It is a common occurrence and you cannot prevent your car from minor scratches and at times a collision can also cause scratches.

Since it is something that everyone faces, the market is full of scratch repair kits. But are these effective? How do you know whether to use a repair kit or to approach an expert? Let us look at the possibilities and understand how to fix car paint scratches with or without assistance.

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Analyzing the scratch

Just a simple look at the scratch can answer your question, ‘How to repair car paint scratches?’ and it is one of the two available options, scratch repair kits or a paint job by professionals.

 Most modern-day paint jobs are protected with a layer of clearcoat which prevents dust based scratches on the surface. If the scratch has damaged this layer or has mildly affected the top layer of the paint, a repair kit is enough for damage control. But, in case the scratch has penetrated layers of the paint job, a repair kit might not be the best option.

If the scratch has penetrated the paint job and the metal is visible, you will need to visit a professional repair service and repaint the affected area.

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How to repair car paint scratches with a scratch repair kit: A step-by-step guide

1. Thoroughly clean the affected area with spirit to ensure that no dirt is left around the area that needs to be fixed. Any residue can worsen things and lead to more damage.

2. Apply primer to the affected area and ensure that you get enough paint into the scratched groove. But be careful while applying the paint because an uneven or thick layer might not dry evenly and look bad. Based on the intensity, apply a second layer on the same after a few minutes. Each product specifies the amount of time required before applying a second coat.

3. Leave the paint overnight to dry. Prefer working during the day as more sunlight can help fasten the drying process. Once dried, take a 1200 grit sandpaper and soak it in water. Use it to rub the painted area and ensure an even surface with the surrounding areas. The surface will go dry and lose its shine but worry not as it is a normal occurrence.

4. The next step is called buffing and involves rubbing the area with a rubbing compound. This brings the shine back. Additionally, apply a little protective lacquer to seal the paintwork.

Scratches can be annoying and a repair kit will mostly solve your problems unless there is major damage to the body. In such cases, you should look for professional help. But looking for car repair online in Bangalore is no more required as Pitstop has a team of trained experts to help you get rid of those scratches. You can also take the benefit of choosing the doorstep car service that we offer and get your car repaired at the comfort of your home.