Getting their car serviced can be a headache for some people. Driving to the service station in the heavy Bangalore traffic and having to take a cab back home can be tiresome, and the whole process can be time-consuming.

As work from home continues, a huge number of vehicles are being left at the home unused. Vehicles tend to develop multiple problems when they sit idle for a long time. Multiple issues that may occur while putting your vehicle into good use are denting and scraping the body and paint job or the internal parts getting subjected to gradual wear and tear. All your car-related problems reach a single solution, getting them fixed by the best car service provider.

What if we said the car servicing at your doorstep?

Yes, you read it right.

There are a growing number of excellent Doorstep car services in Bangalore which make getting our cars serviced easier.

what all are included in car service at home? 

Car servicingCar Service at home includes a wide range of services like oil change service, battery replacement, brake disk replacement, brake shoe replacement, radiator flushing, engine scanning, body repair, denting painting, etc.

The use of modern and advanced equipment makes the whole process accurate and efficient. The mechanics come to check the car, brief you about the problems, and fix them right in front of you, while you enjoy your coffee watching your car getting serviced at home. It all sounds like a dream isn’t it? 

Common Car Problems and Issues

Your car can incur multiple problems when they aren’t used for a long time. The battery dying out, tires developing flat spots, corrosion of metal parts, and breakdown of engine fluids, are a few of the issues you may face. 

Other problems you might come across include denting, scraping paint, loose body parts, faulty lights, and Cracked windshield, etc.

Many of these issues can be avoided if you keep a close check on your vehicle frequently and make sure they are driven once in a while. Getting your cars inspected at a service station can help you find damages that are difficult to spot. 

Here are a few steps to follow for easy maintenance of your vehicle: 

Car servicing

  • Checking warning lights
  • Inspecting the tires
  • Checking the oil and fluid levels
  • Testing the lights
  • Checking air filters
  • Belts and hoses checked
  • Checking the brakes

As any regular human being, you may find it difficult to do all these on your own. The new Doorstep car service in India will make your job easier.

To know more about doorstep car servicing check out Pitstop. A car service brand that’s recognized for its quality and reliable service. They are available in all major cities in India including Bangalore, to fulfil your automotive needs. Pitstop Revive is a zero contact service provided by Pitstop for solving all car problems of vehicle owners, without stepping out of their homes. The pitstop revive package involves checking and servicing important functions of your vehicles like – Tyres, battery, fluids, minor leakages, body repair, denting painting, etc. Also included in the car service center in Bangalore package are exterior and interior cleaning, detailing, and disinfection.

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