Even though everything seems perfect there are certain things you might not notice but play an important role in the smooth running of your car. Things like engine oil, a good quality battery, and OEM parts are gone unnoticed most of the time. Here is a list of things to check after car servicing/repair to ensure you do not get tricked.

Job sheet / Work order 

It is a common practice to organize the spreadsheet regardless of which station you take your car to for maintenance. The sheet serves as a means of communication between the mechanic and the service adviser. When you pick up your car for servicing, you will point out some faults that need to be corrected, please confirm to only check the car and the sheet, when you take delivery just to make sure everything has been taken care of and therefore the corrections shown above have been made.

Itemized bill

The service provider prepares an itemized bill completing the service. It is always safe to cross-check and confirm that it carries the worth of the item as was approximately quoted to you by the service advisor. Possibilities of human or machine errors are always high, it’s better to be alert.

Engine And Transmission

Engine oil Filter Parts

The engine is the heart of your car and requires engine maintenance and filter replacement to function properly. An equivalent also applies to the transmission, although it usually does not have a filter. After changing the engine oil, look at the before and after color. The new oil would be lighter and cleaner in color.

Brake fluid/coolant 

It is important that the engine coolant is replaced after a few thousand kilometers since it loses its properties after a while. And based on the car manufacturer’s recommendations, you will also need to replace/top up the brake fluid. Although there is no way to know if it has been done or not unless you see it in the process. It is best to stay inside the observation bay or take it to a station where you can actually see it happening.

Odometer Reading

It is a common practice to take your car for a brief test drive of approximately 2-3 kilometres to ensure everything has been taken care of. At times an extended test drive is required if engine overhauling has been done. Keeping an eye on the odometer reading would help you ensure the car was not misused behind your back.

OEM parts

car servicing

Service providers may not use genuine OEM parts recommended by the manufacturers. OEM parts are long-lasting and have a warranty provided by the manufacturers. This can help in the long run of your vehicles. always make sure to take your car to the best car service center in Mumbai to install genuine spare parts.

It can be difficult to find the best car service for your vehicle. Pitstop is a car service brand recognized for its quality and professional car care services. Pitstop has experienced technicians for their car repair and service. They also use quality parts like Amaron batteries and genuine OEM spares for replacement services.

Pitstop is open for car repair and service in Bangalore and other major cities in India.


  1. What should I check after car repair or service?

The possibility of getting fooled after a car repair or service is unavoidable. Always make sure to check the job sheet and item invoice to ensure all the requirements are met and quality products are installed in your vehicle.

  1. What are the consequences of bad service? 

Car repair and servicing help in maintaining the quality and durability of your vehicle. The use of cheap parts and careless work can create performance and quality issues after the service.  

  1. Should I take my %make% %model% to a Pitstop garage in %city% for car repair and service? 

Yes, Pitstop provides quality car repair and service. Their high-quality tools and equipment and experienced technicians will ensure your car receives the utmost care. To make it more convenient, Pitstop provides free pick and drop-off services to any location in %city%. Just book an appointment using our website or app.

  1. What are the payment methods accepted by Pitstop? 

Pitstop accepts cash payment at the time of your car delivery. We also accept different payment methods, using our website or app you can pay using a credit or debit card, net banking, digital wallet, UPI payments and we also provide EMI options for our customers. EMI is available for values above Rs.5000. 

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