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Why should you get Underbody Coating for your car?

Car Underbody Coating

Just like how people require shelter and additional care, cars need them too. Just parking your car inside a garage will not solve the problem as the car is exposed to ever-changing weather conditions especially in a country like India. Cars need to be given additional care especially during monsoon seasons and South India’s monsoon season just being around the corner, the car’s underbody should be given extra care. A car’s underbody is exposed the most to muddy terrains, potholes, debris and stones, and wet and even flooded roads that lead to corrosion of the underbody. Since the underbody is hard for us to inspect by ourselves, it is important to have an underbody coating in order to ensure your car is protected during these times. But here’s a list of reasons why you should get underbody coating and what all external factors it prevents. 

Protection against corrosion

The main reason for getting an underbody coating is to prevent rusting and corrosion. This is not only required during the monsoon season but also in hot and humid climatic conditions. The coating is also a must if you tend to live in coastal regions where the humidity in these areas speeds up the process of corrosion. This can be eliminated by asking your car service professional to apply a rubberised anti-rusting coat on your car’s underbelly. 

Protection of vital car components

The car underneath holds vital components like the silencer, engine, and numerous other wires and small engine components for different purposes in the car. The car’s underneath cannot simply be led to corrosion and further damage due to the car being driven during any weather condition. To avoid further major issues, the antirust coating is a must for the underbody. This is again extremely important if you’re living in an all-year monsoon season or moderately high rainy regions as underbody coating is highly necessary for these situations. 

Car’s resale value might be affected if not taken care of

Just ensuring your car looks outside and inside is not enough. One must take great care of the underbody as well as the resale value would be greatly affected due to high corrosion. It should not be left uncared for which would lead to permanent damage and huge loss and might not be taken for resale. Therefore, regular inspection of the car’s underbody must be carried out in order to retain the car’s value. 

Reduces NVH(Noise Vibration Harshness) levels

Being in a country where not all roads are smooth enough and are filled with potholes, stones, debris, and uneven road levelling, the underbody coating prevents and absorbs all noise created by the contact of the surface of the road and the car by minimising this. 

Car underbody coating prevents paint from chipping

When your car travels at high speed on a highway, the small stones and debris hit your car’s underbody in this process and may lead to chipping of the underbody paint. Hence, it is advisable to have a thick layer of underbody coating to prevent paint from chipping. 

Thus, you must get your car’s underbody coating done from time to time to ensure the above factors do not affect your car. Here at Pitstop, we offer underbody inspection and coating services hassle-free. We also highly recommend getting underbody coating not just for the monsoon season, but for any season throughout the year. 

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This is why you should go for underbody coating for your car. You will see a striking difference in NVH levels and it will also help you preserve your car. Some manufacturers do offer it straight from the factory. Check it out before buying one. If you are buying a second-hand car, a Pitstop expert can inspect it for you along with dozens of other tests. Book an inspection now.

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