The very solution is a magical potion called “ Ceramic coating “. But with all the different information speculating around the internet about the pros and cons of ceramic coating, it is important to understand the process on a personal level to make a decision for your car. 

Let’s get real here. Everyone wants to flaunt their classy cars. It’s almost an in-built desire. And most people out there are willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure their car’s beautification is taken care of. But then a plethora of questions and options arise on what is a permanent and effective touch to your car. 

Of course, the more common option is a quick fix of waxing and polishing. But is it durable? Is it an ultimatum in car care? You don’t want to wash and wax your car one day and wake up the next day to find that the scratches, dirt and stain are back like they belong there. 

In such a moment of conflict, anybody who wants their car tip-top all day long would go for the next best solution. A solution that will be a one-time affair that makes the car look sparkling for years.

What exactly is Ceramic Coating?

Industrial-grade ceramic paint is a chemical polymer solution used on the exterior of vehicles to protect it from damage from exterior paint. 

Usually applied by hand, it mixes with your car paint and forms an additional hydrophobic protective layer. Due to the formation of this compound and the new layer, the original paint finish of the car remains unchanged. The basic idea is to prevent dirt, grime and streaks from accumulating on the paint and damaging it.

Ceramic coatings, sometimes called nano-ceramic coatings, are permanent or semi-permanent solutions to your problems, depending on the coating and type used. Due to its inherent chemical properties, it will not decompose under normal atmospheric conditions such as rain or summer.

Why is it better over other alternatives?

The greater dilemma here would be the relevance of why a car owner should choose ceramic coating over the cheaper and easier alternatives. 

You can only imagine the damage that harmful UV rays from the sun can cause to your car’s paint job. The ceramic coating can prevent the car paint from rusting and prevent its fading and dullness. This is very important when you park your car on the street.

Chemical stains from acidic pollutants in the air are another potential damage to vehicles. The coating can prevent these stains from sticking to the paint. As urban air pollution continues to increase, ceramic coating can become a huge relief. 

When it comes to details such as waxing, car washing has become a headache. With ceramic coating, you don’t have to hyperventilate about the polymer wearing off. It can not only be mixed with car paint, but also waterproof. After a quick wash, you will get a flawless and shiny car for yourself. 

Stating the obvious, Ceramic coating has its share of disadvantages but when it comes to giving your car a sort of rebirth in its appearance, coating should be your go-to choice.