You might have come across the terms Ceramic Coating and Paint protection film after buying a new car. It is often confusing to decide whether to opt for paint protection and what level of detailing or protection to go for. In this article, we will do a detailed comparison of PPF vs ceramic coating.

Importance of coating

Your vehicle can accumulate minor and major scratches when you put it to good use. Everyone wants their car to look like it just came out of the showroom, but this is not a simple task. How much ever you try, scratches are unavoidable. coatings act as an invisible hard layer on top of the vehicle’s original paint. These layers can prevent dust, scratches, and other foreign elements from contacting the paint. 

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The paint protection film is a 100% optically clear thermoplastic polyurethane material. This film can be directly applied to the exterior paint of a vehicle. This layer helps to preserve the quality of the OEM paint and reduce the risk of damages like:

  • Swirl marks from car wash
  • Scratches from dirt and debris
  • chemical stains
  • key damage or vandalism
  • minor scratches

The paint protection film is extremely resistant to acidic substances such as bug splatters, road grime, and bird droppings. It is also corrosion-free. The elastomeric polymer lets the film adapt to the complex shapes of your vehicle and maintain a natural shape after installation. The paint protection film has self-healing abilities, when the film gets minor scratches or swirl this allows the film to return to its original form when heat is applied.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating has become a popular term in the automotive industry. It is a liquid polymer capable of providing a microscopic layer of protection to your car’s paint. Ceramic coating is made from silica and other ingredients which when infused with the clear coat, a chemical bond is created. This new layer is hydrophobic and keeps away water and external contaminants from damaging the paint of the car. Ceramic coatings come in 30ml bottles, even though they might not look enough to cover the whole car this small amount of chemical can do wonders to your car’s paint job.

Ceramic coating can protect your car against:

  • Chemical staining
  • Chemical etch marks
  • Fading from UV exposure

Ceramic coating vs PPF which is better?

After reading about both the options you might be confused on which one to select ceramic coating or PPF. we will compare the similarities and differences between the two to make it more simple. 

Both PPF and ceramic coatings are recommended because they share many advantages, but they have distinctive features that will help you find the best fit for your vehicle.

PPF offers better protection against damage from road debris and rock chips than ceramic coating. PPF has the ability to absorb damage even before it touches the paint. Unlike PPF, the ceramic coating does not have a urethane film to protect the paint, however, it does a great job of providing a glossy finish. On the other hand, ceramic coating is a much more permanent solution. PPF offers much more protection, however, it may need to be replaced as the film may turn yellow and blister over time. PPF can also tarnish the gloss of the paint, while the ceramic coating improves it.

Points to remember:

Ceramic coating

  • Cosmetic value.
  • More convenient to clean.
  • Keeps contaminants off the car paint.
  • Improves appearance.
  • Best suitable for use in city roads

Paint protection film

  • Better protective value against scratches and hard water spots.
  • Better durability.
  • Self-heals, stop rock chips.
  • Prevents swirl marks during washing.
  • Suitable for rough use and driving on country roads.


Both PPF and Ceramic coating has multiple different advantages. If you prefer for beauty and detailing of the protection of your vehicle’s paint, the ceramic coating might be the better choice. Paint protection film suits your interest if you want to handle minor and major scratches easily and want a durable layer of protection.

Another option is to go for dual protection. Apply both ceramic coating and paint protection film on your car. This might be an expensive alternative but this will provide the detailing and hydrophobic properties of ceramic coatings and durability and protection of PPF.

Image Source: Avalon King 

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