When it comes to buying a pre-owned car, there are many factors one needs to keep in mind and take care of. Buying pre-owned vehicles still do not come with the same tranquility and reassurance of a new car. At times, you might have to swallow a brave pill before committing your hard-earned money to someone else’s, possibly abused, old car. For instance, even a small thing such as choosing the right service provider for getting a reliable complete car inspection can be a big challenge when turning to the used car market.

A car inspection is essential for any and every automobile out on the road. When you have your car inspected, not only does it ensure that you’re safe while driving around, but also see to it that everyone else is safe. During an inspection, your car is typically tested in a few different areas to ensure its functionality and ability to perform on the road. If your car fails, it will need to be fixed, and you will have to get another inspection done again.

In the event that you require a vehicle inspection, speak to a professional garage that can check for you. It would be best if you ideally looked for someone who can provide you with high-quality inspections to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and that you’ll be on the road in no time. 

And this is precisely where Pitstop, one of the most trusted car service and repair platforms in the country, comes to your rescue. While most pre-owned car dealers will shirk away from taking any responsibility for their vehicles once the sale goes through, there are still some industry players who aim to provide the assured services to their customers throughout. For instance, Pitstop offers pre-owned car inspections at your doorstep, so you can easily check what’s going on with your car from the comfort of your living room!

Why choose Pitstop for your complete car inspection?

Pitstop’s pre-owned car inspection service is currently unrivaled in the country, where we provide our customers with a complete inspection of their vehicle and give them a diagnosis of the car, along with the fair value of the vehicle. And how do we do it? With the help of a specific tech tool called Pulse, which is attached to the car during the inspection. It conducts a 42-point complete check, which further helps to map the health of the car like the battery, engine, etc.

For those who may want to know more about it, Pulse is an OBD II port reader, used for diagnosis of engine and battery health specifically. When the device’s codes are read, the data is sliced and diced as per the vehicle’s components, and only then can any results be produced. These captured data points are then further made to go through AI-driven algorithms to prepare health reports for the car. 

The report generated at the end of the inspection helps to identify the problem, if any, in the vehicle and provides suggestions as per the criticality of the issue. This helps you, as a customer, irrespective of whether you are buying or selling a used car, to have contextual details on their car’s health, and make appropriate decisions.

Buying a pre-owned car can seem like a hard-to-accomplish feat. But if you do your homework diligently and go for a reliable service provider such as Pitstop, then it’s likely that you’ll be rewarded with an excellent vehicle that suits your needs and budget.