David Beckham, the retired British footballer has once again made the headlines. Brooklyn Beckham and his wife Nicola have received $500,000 worth Jaguar XK140 as a wedding gift. What is so special about the car is that it is a restored car turned into an EV. Yes, the car is fully electric built by Lunaz, Beckham’s UK-based restoration and electrification company. 

Lunaz Jaguar XK140 EV

The XK140 is a 1954 model finely restored to its original design on the outside. The cabin is also restored to its original design with mild updates to display a few important info. But Lunaz has modified the car to accommodate the battery and the electric motor. The suspension, steering and brakes have all been upgraded. Details about the powertrain are sparse. 

Jaguar xk140The EV is a result of a team of 120 craftsmen at Lunaz who have put in thousands of hours to finish this one of a kind project. The completed car gets a light blue shade on the outside and a light cream finishes to the upholstery in the cabin. 

Lunaz Limited

Lunaz restores retro cars and electrifies them to give them life. Everything is done in house. They have their own electric powertrains and sufficient manpower to design, rebuild and develop new technologies. David Beckham is also an investor in this firm. He bought a 10% stake in the company in 2021. Since then the company has grown rapidly. Their workforce has grown by 200% and their new remanufacturing and electrification facility will be set up soon. 

The company shares the same enthusiasm as Beckham regarding the bespoke project. The Founder and CEO of Lunaz, David Lorenz stated “In creating this beautiful electrified Jaguar XK140, we are honoured to bridge the gap between David Beckham’s professional life, where he is an investor in Lunaz and his family life. This remarkable car is the perfect gift to his son Brooklyn and daughter-in-law, Nicola on their wedding day. In every respect, this extraordinary electric classic car by Lunaz symbolises a bright, positive future.” 

Lunaz retro EV conversion price starts from £350,000 (app ₹3.46 crore). They mostly work on British classic cars such as the Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Range Rover Classic and Rolls-Royce

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