Delhi charges the least for EV customers in India, announced Satyendar Jain, the Power Minister of the country. It is also expected to have the largest EV charging station network across the state. The government has intentions to set up almost 500 EV charging points or 100 EV charging stations within the next three months. 

Delhi EV charges: What do we know?

The EV charging stations and charging points are expected to be open and active for the public by 27th June 2022. The charges set for EV customers for charging their vehicles is at Rs. 2 per unit. Whereas, in other states, it can go up to Rs. 10-15 in India itself.  

From the month of July, Delhi is expected to have at least 879 electric vehicle charging points across the capital, which will be the highest in any state or city in the country. The Delhi government set a target for the sales of EVs at 25% by the year 2024. Moreover, as part of the policy, Delhi has fully exempted road tax and registration fees for all the new Electric vehicles in the state, and it is the first in the country to do so.   

Bidding and benefits 

The criteria for bidding was placed at a very low service charge. This was done in order to get the best and most competitive service while the EVs are being charged. A total of 12 bidders were invited for this tender. The winning bid was at a rate of Rs. 3.60/ unit. From this, we can understand that instead of charging customers for the service, they will be given incentives instead.

Furthermore, the eligibility criteria were simplified and made universal so that more people can avail of the benefit of the subsidy. EVs contributed to more than 10% of the total vehicle sales in Delhi. The agreements for the charging stations will be finalised by April 8 and they’ll be operational by June 27.

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