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Don’t Miss 7 Auto Repair Tips from Our Best Mechanics in Delhi!

Pitstop Auto repair tips

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Every time car owners look at their car, they would silently wonder whether everything is in the right state or not? The air pressure in the tires, the coolant level, the AC cooling efficiency, etc. keeps them on their toes. Being a trusted name in the arena of doorstep car service at home in Delhi, Pitstop has brainstormed with the best mechanics in Delhi and came up with the rarest auto repair tips. Let us explore these and understand some never-before mentioned techniques to keep your car as young as always.

Complete car service at every 5000 km is advisable for regular commuters. Major car service including wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation at every 10000 km is a must to keep it in good shape in the longer run. There is rarely a car-lover who doesn’t like improved mileage and enhanced engine life. Pitstop gives Doorstep Car Service in Delhi and ensures that their patrons are safe at home and can sit back and relax during their week off in the National Capital. 

Vigilant car-owners do make sure that they regularly change the engine oil and oil filter together. It is important to change both these together to eliminate the chances of oil contamination and sludge formation. Make sure your car-maintenance affair is regularly repeated every 6 months or 10000 km which-ever is earlier. It is a proven way to enhance the engine life with the 3E benefits-easy, effortless, and economical. Pitstop brings the car service at home and leaves no ounce of dirt behind once the service is over within 30 minutes.

Of course, everybody wants their car to be cool and running. It is not possible to keep it cool unless the coolant-top-up is done regularly. Get the Pitstop coolant top up today as a doorstep car service to save your car from heating up and creating troubles uncalled for.

 A human body will indicate many times before falling severely ill, though out of habit we keep on ignoring it. As car experts, Pitstop advises not to ignore your car’s warning lights in the best interest of your car and your pocket. These may save your car from any major issues and your pocket from a sudden heavy expenditure. Pitstop is just a click away to give a complete inspection and diagnosis car service at your home’s basement or garage.

Always disconnect the battery terminals before cleaning them. Cleaning battery terminals with a battery cleaner frequently should be a regular car-owner habit. The negative terminal of the battery must be disconnected first, ensuring zero power supply. Once the cleaning process completes, start with connecting the positive terminal account first. Even better call  Pitstop, your car’s friend philosopher, and guide and we will be happy to help with our doorstep car service in Delhi.

Do not ignore the indications of a faulty spark plug. Disruptive acceleration, decreased mileage, noisy and vibrant start are some of the signals that call for the attention of the car owners. Pitstop car service at home would take care of your car-related worries in Delhi.

The human skeletal system needs the optimum presence of various fluids for its proper functioning. Similarly, without the required quantities of brake oil, the brakes would fail to do their job. Needless to explain, the immense gravity of the situation wherein the brakes would fail and lead to nightmares. A darker color of the brake oil would need a change of the fluid. Get the brake-oil top-up from Pitstop today to avoid any mishappening to you and your loved ones. Enjoy your breaks while we take your car-brake oil with our doorstep car service in Delhi.


Residents of Delhi will be more than delighted to share their experiences with the day-by-day increasing pollution levels. The responsible citizens will try to keep their vehicles well-maintained, which would avoid the already snowballing pollution levels. Let us do our bit to keep the national capital free of pollution and give a green Delhi to our future generations.

These are some of the Auto repair tips from our best mechanics. Need to know more about car repair? Ask us in the comment section below.

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