With the summers around the corner, the temperature has started to rise. This means that the summer heat will start leaving a trail of the heat and fumes behind. As the weather changes, we will see a lot of changes. But, we sometimes forget about the impact of the weather on our cars and vehicles. Summer is around the corner and it is incredibly important to get the car maintenance done. When there are any seasonal changes, your car typically requires more care and repair. When the weather changes, especially from cold to hot, the vehicle usually faces trouble adjusting. As the temperature begins to rise, our cars are also more affected by the sun and the heat. In some areas, the temperature can jump to as high as 45 degrees Celsius which can damage your vehicles if not taken care of and hence you must know how to keep your car cool during these times. 

Thus, to avoid the situation of a breakdown you need to keep in mind a few car maintenance tips for summer to keep your car cool. Understanding the impact of the heat, we at PitStop along with our team of experts will offer car servicing at home in Bangalore and save you the trouble of driving to the nearest service center.

But, before that let us have a look at some smart hacks to keep your car cool this summer.

Thus, in order to prevent your car from unnecessary breakdowns, make sure that you have your car serviced from the experienced and skilled mechanics.

Well, in this blog, we at Pitstop have given 7 hacks that would help you to keep your car cool during this summer. Read it further to learn what these things are.

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  • Avoid Leather

This might come as a surprise but avoid using leather seats for your vehicles at all costs. Using polyester or cotton based seat covers helps keep the car cooler than the leather seats. A major reason behind not using leather is the fact that the surface gets heated up due to the sun and emits heat inside the car. This increases the temperature inside the car and even makes it uncomfortable to sit due to the absorption of all the heat. If you want to protect your car from heating up, we recommend you not to use leather seats as the material gets heated up due to the sunlight and makes the car hot from inside. The temperature inside the car gets increased, which makes one uncomfortable to sit. It is better to use the seat covers either made of polyester or cotton to keep your car cool from inside during the summers.

  • Keep your windows in check

While parking your car and even when driving around, make sure that you maintain a little ventilation in the vehicle to keep it cool a little gap keeping the windows slightly open by leaving a little gap to let the air pass through can prevent your car from heat. The ventilation allows better airflow and also helps in circulating the AC vent air quicker and keeping the car cool.

  • Cover the Dashboard area

The sun can heat the dashboard and the steering wheel of your car because of their material. Getting the surface to cool down takes a lot of time. In order to prevent these parts from heating up, it is good to cover them with fabric. The fabric will absorb the heat and prevent the dashboard and the steering wheel from heating up.

  • Open the bottom vents

Ever been in a situation when you enter a heated car and cannot sit inside? Cooling down the car can be a challenge and one of the most common mistakes one does is to turn on the AC at maximum speed and open the vents.

But do you know if you just open the lower vents, your car will cool down faster? Well yes, this is known to be one of the key car maintenance tips for summer that opening just the lower vents pushes the warm air out and speeds up the process of cooling. But before all this, it is necessary to know that your car’s AC is working well. If you find that your car’s AC has some problem, we recommend you get it checked by the experts. If you are looking for Car AC Gas Top-up or any other car servicing at home in Bangalore, schedule an appointment with Pitstop.

There are several things such as keys, electronics, CDs, etc. that you usually carry along with you. But, since your car is heated up, the things inside your car also get affected and because of the heat, sometimes get malfunctioned or damaged. In the worst-case scenario, a battery-operated electronic can heat up and may even get burst. Thus, if you really want to protect such damages, make sure that you keep the things covered, inside a glovebox. This would help you in preventing your things from coming in direct contact with the heat and they will remain cool. While some of the things can be protected, some must be avoided at all costs and there are a whole bunch of things you should never leave in your car. So, be informed of those things, especially in the summers.