Traffic signs are simply graphical representations that are easy to read and understand. They communicate vital information about the road you are travelling and the situation you are approaching. In this article, we will be going through different types of traffic signals and a few examples.

Importance of traffic signs

Traffic signs help to maintain order and decrease accidents on the roads. almost 400 road accidents happen every day in India. Moreover, most of these accidents are caused due to the carelessness of the drivers. Reading road signs and following the rules can reduce the chaos on Indian roads to a great extent. Road signs, therefore, play an important role in the daily life of all road users.

  • Traffic signs help in reducing mishaps and accidents on the road.
  • Traffic signs warn the driver about the condition of the road ahead.
  • Navigation is made easier with signboards.

Mandatory traffic Signs

traffic signsAs you can guess from the name, you may receive a challan from the traffic police if you violate these rules. These signs are put up to make sure that there is free movement of vehicles and the road users are made aware of specific laws, such as those on speed limits and prohibited parking areas.

Cautionary Signs

traffic signsThese road signs are necessary to inform road users of potential dangers or risks to road safety. In fact, these signals are used to warn the driver to take the necessary action or precaution to make him ready to face an oncoming situation.

Informatory Signs

traffic signs

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These are a type of traffic that are used to inform the commuters on the destination, distances, fuel stations, nearby medical centres, public convenience, etc.

School Zone

Stop Sign

The driver has to bring his vehicle to a complete halt at areas with stop signs. Moreover, this makes it easier for the kids to cross the roads from these spots. Always make sure to check for stop signs or zebra crossing before crossing the roads.

School crossing signs

These signs are put up right outside the schools. Drivers have to make sure that the kids are given priority here. In fact, they should only move forward after they are done crossing the road. This sign can also be a warning, children often run across the road carelessly so always be cautious while driving through school zones.

Slow- Children At Play Sign

This sign indicates the driver about children that might end up on a street from the nearby play-zones. However, parents should make sure they educate their kids on road safety and to use the roads only when needed.

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