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Ferrari Purosangue SUV will hit the production line this year

Ferrari Purosangue

Red color, Low riding, Racing tracks. These are the thoughts that come to our minds when we hear the name Ferrari. Well, not anymore Ferrari is ready to diversify its portfolio, hence by introducing its first-ever SUV, the Ferrari Purosangue.

The Italian automaker had earlier announced its plans to add an SUV to its lineup. Moreover, they have now confirmed that the production of the Purosangue will commence this year and the car will hit the roads next year.

SUVs gaining popularity

The success of luxury SUVs such as Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, and Bentley Bentayga has inspired Ferrari to bring out their own Luxury SUV. Moreover, the automaker quoted that “Heritage be damned, sports and luxury carmakers need cash to survive, one way or another”. Even though Ferrari is known for its engines and supercars the automaker needs to improve its sales across all segments to stay on top of its game. 

The automotive market is a competitive and fast-growing sector. Conventional thinking will not take you long enough, changes have to be according to the market trends. Furthermore, Ferrari’s confirmation of the production of the Purosangue has come as part of its 2021 annual sales report.

What we know about the Ferrari Purosangue

Auto enthusiasts all around the world were happy and amazed to hear about the Ferrari Purosangue. However, Ferrari has not yet revealed any information regarding the specification or design of the upcoming SUV. 

Rendered Image (Not official)

SUV Body

SUV. However, this could be a 5-door model and 4 seater layout similar to the Urus and DBX. The upcoming Ferrari will be lightning fast.

Built to perform

Fiat Chairman Sergio Marchionne declared that the brand intends to “build the fastest SUV,”. Moreover, the Urus can sprint from 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds and has a top speed of 186 mph, so Ferrari will be aiming for similar performance figures.

V12 Motor?

Purosangue might feature the 6.3-litre engine the company uses in the GTC4 Lusso, this engine features in a few other Ferraris such as FF, F12, and LaFerrari. Ferrari does know how to make a V12 like no other, and this engine will make the SUV even more appealing.

Track focused SUV

Tracks are homes for Ferraris. Then-chairman of Fiat Sergio Marchionne said that “the car will happen in Ferrari’s style. It’ll focus entirely on-track performance, and the ability to powerslide, to such an extent that Marchionne promised it will entirely redefine expectations for the SUV class”. The car will come with a four-wheel drivetrain. However, Ferrari is not making an SUV that will be known for its off-road abilities.


A Ferrari SUV won’t be a cheap buy, several reports indicate that the Purosangue could cost above $350,000 (₹2.6 crores approx.). The price could go way above this range if the SUV makes its way to India.

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