What is the scariest thing you see when you back your car out of a parking spot? As for me, it is the puddles of the fluid underneath it. We all know there are different fluids in the car that help to run it. And what if you see them leaking? Can you identify them? Actually, the current old leaky colour of the fluid differs from the original fresh fluid. It is because the fluids have been in the car for a while. Now, let’s take a look at the types of leakage in your car and how to identify them.

1. Leakage in Amber or Multicoloured

When you see the Amber or Multicolored under the car, it is petrol or diesel. Both Petrol and diesel have an aromatic scent. If you smell any kind of those, then it would have a higher chance of fuel leakage. The reason for leakage is maybe because of the hole in the fuel tank. In this case, You’ll run out of fuel shortly. You can get it repaired with the mechanic in the garage. One should not ignore the fuel leakage; it is dangerous, and it can cause big flames.

2. Colorless liquid leakage

When you see the puddles of the colourless liquid, it is probably water from the cold refrigerant in the A/C evaporator. It is conducted from the air-con unit as you are running out of the air conditioner; you see it commonly in summer. No need to panic, it is not dangerous.

3. Leakage in brown or black color fluid

If you notice the brown or black colour fluid underneath the car, the car is leaking the engine oil. You can confirm it as engine oil, when you touch it and feel slick and hard to get it off, it is oil that is leaking. You should look over where the leak is coming from. Because of the faulty or poor connection, oil pan leaks, and degraded engine gaskets, we will see engine oil leakage. If you cannot recognize it, you might want to go for local mechanics. If you are, make sure to refill the engine oil to its maximum level because if you drive with the least amount of engine oil it will damage the whole engine.

4. Red color fluid leakage

If you see the red colour fluid leakage from your car, it is transmission fluid. The leakage will be in the front or middle of the car, between the engine and transmission. The transmission fluid is not a good sign. Driving without enough fluid can affect the brake operation system and damage the complete transmission system. Refill the transmission fluid to the maximum level and get it checked with the experienced technicians to your nearer garages or you can get it repaired with Pitstop experts at your convenient location.

5. Leakage in Red/brown color fluid

When you can see the reddish-brown colour liquid from your car, it is the power steering fluid. It smells like burnt marshmallows. Many people confuse this with transmission fluid. So, if you see the leak in the steering’s front side, it will be easy if you find the spot, Right? Once you confirm it is power steering fluid, check the reservoir of the power steering if you see any cracks or leaks and get it repaired.

6. Brake fluid leakage

When you notice the brown colour fluid underneath the car is brake fluid. It is the most dangerous issue which should not be ignored at any cost. When you touch it, you feel very slippery and smell like fish oil. Open the reservoir and the fluid is at its max levels or not, and also you may have caught the leaks. At these times, you should avoid driving. Get it repaired with the most trusted car service platform Pitstop at your convenient location at any time.

7. Coolant fluid leak

A coolant fluid leaks in yellow or green. When you touch it, it feels slimy and smells sweet. The reason for the leak can be a broken water pump or leak within the heater, leak from the radiator. The leak can also lead to overheating. You might drive with a small leak but, to be more careful, refill the coolant fluid to avoid drooping quickly.

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While you check the fluids by yourself, use paper or a clean cloth that can identify the fluid colours. And avoid using your bare hands when you touch the fluids. Driving a car with these fluid leaks is dangerous so, avoid driving at that time. If you do the car may lead to many damages and, hence, it costs you more. Or, you can simply let the experts handle the leaks. Book a car service from Pitstop now!