Ford had ended manufacturing in India a few months back. The automaker is planning to come back to start producing electric vehicles for the Indian markets. Ford thanked the Indian government after being granted approval under the government’s PLI scheme. Keep reading to know more about Ford’s EV plans for our country.

What Ford has planned for India? 

Ford India is among the 20 names that got approval under the PLI category of Champion OEM Incentive. This has led the American giant to re-enter our market and start production of the electric lineup. Moreover, India will also be the base for EV manufacturing as ford is moving forward strongly in the global electric vehicle revolution.

We are still waiting for information on the different models to be in production, and at which plants. Also, confirm the sales of Ford cars in India. Ford should decide on which of its two plants will restart operation. As both plants were used for the production of ICE cars, they will need re-tooling for EV production. The potential for re-tooling will be an important factor in the selection of a manufacturing facility. Moreover, another vital factor will be the plant’s potential for sale. Ford is planning to sell one plant as it is not profitable to keep both plants running. 

The company has not yet decided on which models will be produced in India. We expect a new model in the EV lineup as the company would not want to shift the production of an existing model. Moreover, Ford is serious about its electric venture, its strong EV roadmap includes multiple new EVs. Also, the company made a massive investment of $30 billion globally towards the development of hybrid and fully electric vehicles. The government PLI scheme permits companies to locally manufacture products even if they are not for sale in our markets. So this could lead to India being an export-only manufacturing base. 

However, The company still has an active dealer network in the country. Above that Ford continues to sustain its customers with a five-year price freeze for spare parts. The company also retained over 90% of its service network in India. Hence, selling vehicles in India will be the right decision. We are hoping to see both locally made Ford electric cars and imported higher-end models such as the Mustang and the Raptor, in our Auto market.


1. Is Ford going all-electric?

Ford Motors plans on electrifying 40% of its vehicles by 2030. They have invested around $22 billion in EV development. 

2. Does Ford have an all-electric SUV?

The Ford Mustang Mach-e is an all-electric SUV from the American automaker. They also have a fully electric pickup truck, the F-150 lightning. 

3. Why Did Ford stop selling cars in India?

Ford stopped its production in India a few months back due to losses. However, the automaker is planning to sell high-end imported models and probably EVs in the future. 

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