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Ford Territory Based C-SUV In Works? Mahindra XUV700 Rival

Ford Territory

Ford Territory

Ford and Mahindra have split once again after coming together in the October of 2019. Previously there was a merger between the two companies in 1995 which went sour in 1999. The merger would help in having ford a lower base cost while Mahindra would benefit from Ford’s expertise in the SUV department. With the merger officially off, the new Mahindra XUV 700 will not be sharing a platform with Ford C-SUV. The 130 hp Mahindra 1.2 turbo petrol engine will not be used for the Ford Ecosport. This fallout is not advantageous to either company and will cause drawbacks to both companies.

Ford C-SUV, also known as CX757, is probably going to be built on a Ford platform similar to the one used by the Ford Territory.

Ford Territory:

Launched in China in late 2018, it was built on a shared platform along with a Chinese company called JMC. This helped ford manufacture at a lower production cost. With the help of Ford R & R&D Melbourne developed the Ford territory, which made sure that global standards were met. The Ford R & R&D Melbourne (also known as the Asia-Pacific development centre) has top-of-the-line features and technology like VR-based engineering stations and design centres. The Ford Endeavour which is one of the best SUVs by Ford is also designed in the same centre.

Ford C-SUV:

The Territory Platform is similar to the 2,716mm wheelbase as that of Mahindra’s W601. The ford 7-seater may appear to be larger on paper but in reality, is similar to the Mahindra’s. Ford Brazil which worked on the Aspire and Figo has launched their version of the territory and this could be a significant contributing factor to the ford C-SUV. Another reason ford could have chosen the JMC-based platform could be to be more cost-competitive than Mahindra as the Chinese car markets cost base is much more competitive than that in India.

Pininfarina, one of the most successful and respected design studios in the world, once preferred the designing of ferrari cars designed the CX757. It is well known for crafting perfectly proportional smooth and timeless designs.

The Panther (2.0 Eco Blue diesel engine) is manufactured by Ford in India and is exported to many parts of the world. It also powers the Endeavour. This engine may be installed in the CX757 after a few modifications. The Mondeo and the Edge which are similar to CX757 are already powered by this engine. The other choice ford has is to use its 1.5 Ecoboost engine manufactured in Sanand, Gujarat. Ford could pitch in its R&D experts to work and tweak the 1.5 engine to generate more power compatible with the CX757.

Features and Tech:
The interiors of Territory which is designed for similar markets like India may be used to meet the interior requirements of the Indian market. The territory is filled with features like faux wood panels, chrome highlights, and techs like 10.1-inch surround system, wireless charging, digital instrument screen, and connected car tech as well.

Ford is expected to face a lot of challenges as well as competition in making the CX757 a success story but Ford does have a lot of options and choices as well.

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