Global NCAP revealed the results for the second round of crash tests in 2022 for the Hyundai Creta, i20 and Toyota Urban Cruiser. The Global NCAP crash test for the #SaferCarsForIndia project currently assessed frontal crash protection for the occupants and not the side impact on them. They were also told to test the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Pedestrian protection as well. The new Global NCAP assessment protocols will have these requirements from the month of July this year.

Global NCAP crash test: Hyundai Creta

 The new Hyundai Creta got a 3-star adult safety rating. It also got a 3-star safety rating for child occupants. The 3-star rating for the Hyundai Creta was expected, as the Kia Seltos was tested earlier. Both the Seltos and the Creta were built on the same platform, and Seltos had scored a 3-star safety rating as well. 

hyundai creta gncap safety rating

The driver tibias of the model did not have very strong protection, it was weak and adequate on the whole. The protection offered to the driver’s head was only adequate. The passenger tibias showed very good protection. Neck protection for the passengers was also good. Chest protection for the passenger was really good, whereas it showed marginal protection for the driver seat. The bodyshell of the Creta was rated unstable and it could not hold any further loadings. The vehicles have standard SBR for both the driver and passenger too. 

Hyundai i20

During the assessment of the Hyundai i20, it did show an unstable structure. It scored a 3-star rating for adult occupant protection for safety this year. It was tested in its most basic safety model with only 2 airbags at the front and ABS. The protection given to the driver’s head and chest was weak. Furthermore, even though there were ISOFIX anchors to install Child restraint systems (CRS), during the crash the small dummy showed weak protection to the head. There is no ESC and no side head impact protection as standard in the rear centre seat of the vehicle.

hyundai i20 gncap safety rating

The tibia of the driver and the right passenger showed only adequate protection. Whereas the left passenger’s tibia was well protected. The bodyshell was rated as unstable and it could not withstand any additional loadings. The vehicle only offered standard SBR for the driver and passenger.

Toyota Urban Cruiser

 The Toyota Urban Cruiser scored 4 stars in safety for adult occupants and 3 stars for child occupants. The protection to the driver’s and passenger’s head and neck area was really good. The passenger’s chest protection was really good, whereas the driver’s seat only had an adequate amount of protection. There was marginal protection of the knees for both the driver and passenger seats. Although, the left knee of the passenger seats showed good protection

toyota urban cruiser gncap safety rating

There was only an adequate amount of protection for the driver’s tibias. The protection for the passenger tibias was very good. The bodyshell of the Toyota Urban Cruiser was rated as stable, the footwell area too. The vehicle does offer standard SBR for the driver and passenger seats as well.

 There has been progressing in the safety rating of new models tested all over India in the last couple of years. Although, automakers like Hyundai and Toyota are reluctant in equipping their models with safety systems like ESC and airbags for the protection of the side body and head, which should be a requirement.

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