Range anxiety is by far the most common concern among electric vehicle owners today. The fear of running out of charge in the middle of the road has deterred people from purchasing electric vehicles; even current EV owners keep one eye on the battery gauge at all times.

The situation is unquestionably improving, thanks to increased charging infrastructure and improved range figures. In the worst-case scenario, if you’re stranded and out of power, you can now order a fast charger to be delivered to your location.

Fast charging capabilities will be available on mobile chargers

GoFuel, a Chennai-based startup, will soon launch a mobile charging service. The company began by delivering diesel to customers’ homes, a service aimed primarily at diesel generator owners. It is now expanding its service to include mobile charging and swapping stations for electric two-, three-, and four-wheel vehicles. Furthermore, the company intends to charge these mobile units with solar energy, ensuring that only clean energy is used.

The mobile four-wheel charging solution consists of a van with an onboard power supply that is shipped to your site and charged. The system is intended to provide rapid charging at a rate of up to 200kW.

A two-wheeler swapping service is available

GoFuel also offers mobile battery swapping solutions for two- and three-wheelers, where the battery packs are frequently removable. GoFuel will send fully charged battery packs to your location, allowing you to get back on the road in minutes. It also offers battery swapping subscription packages, in which users can have their batteries swapped overnight.

While most EV owners charge their vehicles at home or at work, the mobile charging service will provide added peace of mind, especially since EVs should not be towed once they have died and should instead be transported on a flatbed to a charging station.

100 mobile charging and swap stations are planned by 2022

This year’s first Mobile Charge Vehicle should be ready, and the founder and Chief Executive Officer Vinodhraj says it is “intentional to expand its network and reach several charging vehicles, both ourselves and through our GoFueler franchisee model. The franchise model of GoFuel in Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab is now operational and the company hopes to have a global footprint soon. In terms of revenue, GoFuel claims that its diesel delivery service generated Rs 5 crore in just five months. While it plans to expand into other fuels such as gasoline, it also plans to build 100 solar-powered mobile charging and swapping stations by mid-2022.

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