The devastating effects of the corona have left many families tragic struck and helpless and now with the ongoing 2nd wave which is taking more lives and forcing people to be put on oxygen support just to survive. Oxygen tankers have become more valuable and crucial for the survival of patients suffering from COVID19. Some people have used this as an opportunity to make wealth by selling oxygen in the black market at prices multiple times higher. Taking into value the importance of liquid oxygen and countering the black market hoarding of it The MoRTH has made it mandatory to set up GPS location tracking devices on all medical oxygen transport vehicles.

With the tragic unfolding of the pandemic and the rising oxygen shortage many Oxygen, Argon, and Nitrogen tankers have been converted to carry liquid medical Oxygen. These vehicles will be fitted with an AIS 140 tracking device which follows the standards created by ARAI (Automobile Research Institute of India). It also includes a panic button that can be used during emergency situations.

FADA contributes INR 10 lakhs towards the fitment of GPS trackers in Oxygen Tankers

FADA (Federation of Automobile Dealers) of Maharashtra announces its contribution of INR 10 lakhs towards the installation of GPS devices for 250 oxygen cylinders. 

The setting up of GPS devices, allows the authorities to monitor the location and path of the tankers all on a single dashboard thus making the tracking and location of the oxygen tankers easy and available 24×7.

To deal with this situation efficiently Mobile Automation India (MOBA) was called in as it had the necessary expertise. The instalment of these GPS trackers shall start from the 3rd of May,2021.

Dr Avinash DHakane, The transport commissioner of Maharashtra said that he appreciated the contribution and also stated that working together with a private enterprise for the wellbeing of the state is encouraging. He also opined that with the instalment of the GPS facility the tankers would be able to do a quick turnaround and help save more lives.

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