While vehicle engines can be divided into two categories i.e. diesel engines and petrol engines, each has its own set of pros and cons. While we are not discussing the two types of engines and their differences, we will be emphasizing on the diesel engine and a very common problem that a lot of diesel engine owners face or will face which is failing glow plugs. We have all been there when our engine’s performance suddenly falls and we start to hate the entire concept of a diesel engine.

But, oftentimes we fail to recognize and identify certain common problems which further cause major damage. And one of these problems is caused due to a damaged or poor glow plug and because it is such minute detail, we fail to recognize the symptoms of bad or failing glow plugs which are a key component to firing up that diesel engine. So, to save you the trouble of looking online car repair in Bangalore, we at Pitstop will be talking about glow plugs and how glow plugs affect diesel engine’s performance. The next time you face car trouble do not forget to refer to these symptoms of bad or failing glow plugs.

check for failing glow plugs

Before we go any further, what exactly is a glow plug? When a diesel engine is started it needs heat to fire up the engine and to maintain a regular supply of heat to keep running. To fulfill this function, diesel engines use a component called a glow plug. This glow plug generates the required heat to run the engine, especially in the cold regions. This heat is also transmitted through and absorbed by the cylinder of the engine. Thus, getting this heat back to the engine means that the glow plug needs to be set inside the combustion chamber of the vehicle. But, due to wear and tear as well as regular usage the glow plug will show signs of damage. So, let us look at some of the common Symptoms of Bad or Failing Glow Plugs.

Black smoke from the exhaust:

This is the earliest sign of a damaged glow plug. In any diesel engine, if the combustion is incorrect, the vehicle will spill out black smoke from its exhaust. A damaged or wrong glow plug will affect the combustion process. The main reason, the black smoke is exhaled by the exhaust is that the fuel combustion process is incorrect and thus all the remaining carbon is thrown out by the exhaust.

The fuel combustion uses a defined mixture of air and fuel and when the glow plug is damaged and can no longer set the levels of mixing, black smoke is observed. So if you find your car throwing up black smoke, visit the options for online car repair in Bangalore, and someone from our team in Pitstop will get in touch with you to resolve your issues.

Engine misfire:

As already discussed before, a glow plug is essential to the working of a diesel engine. Unlike its counterpart of a petrol engine where a spark plug is used to start the engine, a glow plug in a diesel engine is used to maintain a continuous supply of heat keeping the engine pumped up and running. When the glow plug is faulty, this constant flow of the heat will break down.

Due to this loss in heat, the entire combustion process of the fuel is affected. As the combustion begins to experience brief pauses, the entire functioning of the vehicle faces misfires. This affects the power of the engine, the acceleration of the vehicle, and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. All this because of a faulty glow plug!

Improper fuel combustion directly affects the performance of the vehicle and by replacing the broken glow plug, one can simply elongate the life of their diesel engine as well as prevent any performance issues. So, the next time you face any misfires while driving, get the glow plug checked at your nearest service center to avoid any further problems or breakdowns.

Difficulty starting:

Hard starting is a very common issue that is faced when the glow plugs are damaged. Unlike a petrol engine, a diesel engine requires a glow plug as well as chamber pressure to Ignite the fuel. Because of this diesel engine needs equal power from the glow plug while maintaining pressure in the cylinder chamber to start the engine.

If the glow plug is damaged the engine puts put more load on the cylinders to start. This will result in a hard start of the engine. While this might sound like a normal problem simple damaged glow plug can play to bigger issues and cause breakdowns in the future. If you feel that your vehicle is giving you a tough time starting, you should consult with an expert on the amount of damage that has already been caused and how to prevent any further problems within the engine.

So if you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues with your diesel engine vehicle, you should visit Pitstop, an expert and industry leader with a proven track record to provide you with the best solutions for all your car troubles. We are a team of driven individuals who ensure world-class solutions and even if you cannot drive the vehicle, do not worry because our online car repair in Bangalore makes sure that you have no trouble as we arrange for a pickup and drop service as well. You can also enjoy the benefits of doorstep car service that we offer. So worry no more and let Pitstop take care of all your car repair needs in the city.

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