The evolution of the Indian automobile industry has been extraordinary over the years. Car maintenance is no longer the herculean task that it used to be. Furthermore, the benefits that emerge out of caring for your vehicle on the regular are worth the effort, to say the least. But, don’t we already know that? It isn’t news that regular maintenance helps extend the life of your car whilst keeping you safe and sound. But, despite it being common knowledge, we are prone to the error of our ways. We slack off when it comes to taking our vehicles to the service station. Sometimes, we even justify our laziness by concocting conspiracy theories about the needlessness of car servicing. However, all of us can be better than that. We, at Pitstop focus on ensuring all these points. Here’s a list of car maintenance tips to aid you is this endeavor:-

Keep an eye on Engine Oil

In an ideal situation, you should get the engine oil changed at least once a month. In case of a leak, you’ll need to amend the number of changes accordingly. If you don’t undergo this simple periodic check, you can risk jeopardizing your car’s engine to a fatal extent. When you get the engine oil changed, make sure that the servicemen check the air filter as well. The same goes for the radiator and the car’s fluid levels. For instance, if your vehicle’s brake fluid level is to adequate, it can cause you problems on the road.

Make sure that the tire pressure is adequate

 This is perhaps the easiest thing you can do to make sure your vehicle stays in top condition. You don’t even need to go to a service station to get the tire pressure checked. You can simply take a Pitstop at a petrol pump during a regular day, and get your tire pressure regulated. After all, the consequences of being negligent with this scope and aspect of car repair can be life-threatening.

Get your car brakes checked

Most modern vehicles come with advanced braking systems that can last a long time before they need to be replaced. However, even such advanced systems require timely maintenance. Worn-out braking pads are among the most striking giveaways of a problematic braking system. At the very least, make sure that you are informed on how often should you get your brakes checked.

Clean the exterior of your vehicle

We’ll let you decide whether you want to get your hands dirty, or simply take the car to the wash. But, regardless of your preferred mode of cleaning, do not skip this part of the maintenance process. A car is a major investment. It must have taken you a while to save up enough for your first one. So, treat it with respect, and make sure that it looks squeaky-clean.

Even though you can do most of the things mentioned above on your own, it is advisable to take professional help. By seeking the aid of a car repair in Bangalore, you not only save time but also guarantee the quality of maintenance.